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What VISA do I need and how to get it?


Those of you who follow us know that we are addicted to traveling in Asia, and that we have recently traveled to Indonesia, Laos and Malaysia, in addition to having visited China, Japan, Singapore and Thailand, so we were a little expectant about what we would find when traveling in Vietnam.

The normal way to visit Vietnam is to arrive to the country either by its capital, Hanoi, located in the north of the country, or by Ho Chi Minh, the old Saigon, which is in the south, so almost any route through Vietnam will be made from north to south, or vice versa.

To enter Vietnam you need a visa, if you are going to stay more than 15 days. We processed the eVisa, an online visa that is very convenient, fast and the cheapest, so we recommend it, take a look at our article on How to process the e Visa Vietnam.

The Vietnamese government is starting to lift access restrictions from November 2021. In addition, since mid-March, they have announced a relaxation of the measures, even resuming the Visa Waiver if you travel less than 15 days and resuming the processing of electronic visas.

Visa for Vietnam – Changes 2020

As of January 2018, travelers entering Vietnam have been given the option to acquire their visa electronically, this saves a tremendous amount of time for its travelers who would otherwise have to form long and circuitous lines upon arrival at any Vietnamese airport.

Your electronic visa to Vietnam, or also called VOA (Vietnam On Arrival), will be required from the moment you board your flight and when you present yourself to the immigration officer. This can be obtained as early as 8 hours, but it is advisable to apply in advance to avoid possible delays in travel plans.

It is a travel authorization to enter Vietnam, this will be required by all travelers, including minors, it will be endorsed by the Vietnamese Immigration Department, applying online has several benefits such as: Legitimacy, convenience, cost efficiency and speed.

Vietnam Itinerary, and what to visit in Vietnam and Southeast Asia

Travel insurance is not mandatory for travel to Vietnam, but highly recommended. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommends the purchase of travel insurance to cover expenses arising from hospitalization, transfer of injured or repatriation to travel to Vietnam.

If you do not know how to take out travel insurance to Vietnam, with Chapka it is very easy. The contracting is done online and in just a few clicks. Choose the insurance that best suits the duration of your trip (tourism, around the world, volunteering, student, expatriate…).

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How to organize a trip to Vietnam?

To know the country, find out about the recommendations and travel requirements, among which may be the visa and highly recommended is to take out travel insurance to Vietnam so that you have covered a quality medical care at the destination, which would mean considerable savings. It is also advisable that your travel insurance covers the cancellation or interruption of the trip, loss of luggage or delay of a flight, the most frequent incidents among travelers.

However, since 2018 there is another possibility: the electronic visa to Vietnam. This type of visa to Vietnam is the easiest and fastest option, because you can apply for it from your own home. In addition, you will have the visa before arriving at the airport and thus save time and stress upon arrival. It is valid for 30 days, is cheap to apply for and you will receive it in your email within 3 days.

The price of the Vietnam e-visa is 39,95 € if you apply through e-Visado. These costs include the stamping fee which, in the case of a visa on arrival, must be paid at the airport. If you want to apply for an urgent visa, a surcharge of € 17.50 is charged in addition to the usual costs. It is good to know that you can pay by credit card, Sofort Banking or PayPal.

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