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They are always attentive to the client, as soon as you arrive they provide you with a Vietnamese SIM card to be in contact with them and have access to the Internet. About the guides what to say…, a great team, with the vitality of Lan, the tireless joy of Amelia, the delicacy of Sang, the experience of Ging, helpful, focused on making the client enjoy, adapting to everything that was proposed to them.

The meals included, impressive, elegant restaurants, great food! We would like to highlight the tapas tour around Hanoi, we loved walking around the city with Lan to taste the local food, the coffee with egg and the “moco” for dessert, excellent tour. And the hotels, perfect, good location, good food, good services.

You took great care of us and at all the airports we landed at, there was always someone ready with our names waiting for us and also the driver offering fresh water from his car. The travel documents you gave us and the visas for Cambodia, everything perfect!

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Security is something that always worries us but you have to know that, in general, Vietnam is a safe country to travel. In spite of it, it is convenient to take into account the social changes that are happening at the present time, in addition to an increase of tourists have caused an increase of thefts, so much in domiciles as for the street, without excluding the strictly tourist zones. One of the tips for safe travel to Vietnam is to be careful when boarding any type of transport. These can involve a certain risk and danger, especially the different types of motor vehicles such as motorcycles, cars, bicycles, as their users tend to maneuver them with certain deficiencies in driving which produces a large number of fatal accidents.

Certainly you have to be careful with thefts and robberies, especially taking into account that tourists are always a target, regardless of the place you travel to. So here are some tips on how to avoid theft and robbery so that you can travel safely in Vietnam. It is very important that you have controlled your valuables and documentation at all times. If you have the option to leave them in a hotel safe do not hesitate.

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11 May 2020Thanks Carlos for the comment, the truth is that you asked us to organize this trip well in advance, we had everything well organized and prepared and the problem of the virus came upon us, a pity. As you may have seen, patience was needed to get the reimbursement of the trip in these circumstances, flights, hotels etc. each company with their problems and their deadlines for reimbursement, I would have liked to do it faster but in the end you depend on third parties in a really exceptional situation that made everything difficult but well, we were able to cancel everything and we can only wait for better times, greetings to all your family. 28 Feb 2020By invitationGreat trip to Uganda and TanzaniaGreat trip to Uganda and Tanzania , excellent attention from Miguel from Nyla Tours, cimplio with all the service offered and we will certainly contact him for future trips. Highly recommended! Reply from Nyala Tours

10 Feb 2020Thanks, the truth a very varied and beautiful trip crossing from Vietnam to Cambodia by boat which makes it even more exotic, I’m glad everything was great and see you whenever you want!!!20 Jan 2020By invitationBetrothal trip Kenya and ZanzibarWe chose Nyala tours for our honeymoon and it was a success. Miguel is very attentive and made us several budgets to suit just what we wanted.The destination is spectacular, the wildlife of Kenya, Zanzibar with its bustling capital and beautiful beaches and Dubai with its contrasts of desert and skyscrapers. The best part was the safari days and the snorkeling excursion where we were able to see dolphins. A great experience! Response from Nyala Tours

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Run by Hanoi Backstreet Tours, the four-hour motorcycle tour allows tourists to explore Hanoi’s famous landmarks such as Long Bien Bridge, Hai Ba Trung Temple, the historic site of the Presidential Palace and sample some of the city’s best street food.

As part of the tour, visitors have the opportunity to explore the “Railway Street”, made up of railway tracks running along Dien Bien Phu and Phung Hung streets in the heart of Hanoi’s Old Quarter, with residential buildings just meters away on either side.

The Thai and Akha cooking class in Thailand’s Chiang Mai was voted the best travel experience in the region, followed by the Khmer cooking class at a local house in Cambodia’s Krong Siem Reap and the sunrise tour of Angkor Wat.

Around 29,000 people paid tribute to President Ho Chi Minh at the Mausoleum dedicated to the leader of the Vietnamese revolution on Friday on the occasion of National Day (September 2), reported the area’s Administrative Committee.

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