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The trip to Vietnam has been, to date, one of the ones we have enjoyed the most. Asia is our favorite continent and specifically Southeast Asia, the portion of the world that we like the most to travel.

In addition, taking a trip to Vietnam is usually easy and quite inexpensive. A good offer in terms of flights and a great diversity in relation to the available accommodation are combined with the possibility of enjoying breathtaking landscapes, getting to know very important historical sites and enjoying friendly people and a frankly interesting ethnic diversity.

But what is the best insurance for Vietnam (and for travel in general)? The truth is that it is difficult to decide, because (fortunately) we have never had to use it. One of those that has the best coverage at a reasonable price is the IATI travel insurance, which has the advantage of not having to advance money or the existence of deductibles.

IATI has several travel insurances with different coverage. The basic IATI is a bit tight, but the standard IATI has a coverage of 80.000€ which should be enough. Those with more foresight can take out the star IATI, which has a coverage of up to 500,000€.

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My question is a bit general or rather some advice on safety, I will travel alone from August 29 to Sep 9. I only have the plane ticket and book in advance the first night of hotel in Hanoi, I go totally to the adventure (I have worked as a stewardess for a while and I have always done this in most of my trips) I want to get to Hanoi and move as I please, is this advisable or would have to have some plan more or less meditated ? I know that there are not many days, for that reason I want to enjoy as much as I can. Since the weather changes a lot, where would you start? I will obviously go to Halong Bay, but I want to go to Sapa, Nha Trang or Da Nangh? enjoy Hanoi too, or which option maybe you would not recommend to do because of the few days or because I am going alone.

From the airport to the center what is the most recommendable as public transport? and hotel? I’m going backpacking, in general, but I repeat myself to go alone I think I have to be more careful than normal, any area or hotel that you recommend me?

Vietnam in 15 days

Planning a trip to Vietnam is not an easy task when around one of the most desired trips there are also endless doubts. One of them is about the ideal duration of a trip to this destination where there is certainly a lot to see.

Taking into account the hours of flight it is clear that it is not a destination for a week because it would be too short, but perhaps two weeks are not necessary to discover the place in the world that attracts those who visit it. You must be careful.

Although it is clear that in any trip the longer the better, there are ideal days to visit destinations without too much tiring and too little pleasing. In this case you should keep in mind that between nine and fourteen days is the answer to the question of how many days to see Vietnam.

Days to which to deduct at least two or three days, depending on the length of the journey. An aspect that in turn will depend on the stopovers and how you have set it up to travel to Vietnam in the most economical way probably.

Itinerary vietnam

If you are stopping over in Dubai, we recommend a couple of days if you can fit it in. We love it. We leave you in the link everything to do there, so that you can value it… (in cases like these is when my mother says, “go on, don’t mess around”…)

If you are going to stay a maximum of 30 days, and you are not going to leave and re-enter the country, the electronic visa (eVisa) is the best option. The Vietnamese government has an online platform for eVisa procedures.

We always remember the importance of always traveling with a good international travel insurance, we tell you from experience, we have had to use it on several occasions. It can save you from a lot of trouble, not only in terms of health but also financially. The one we always use is IATI.

Try to make your visit to Hanoi coincide with the weekend, which is when there is more life in the streets and in the lake area. You can find street shows and people dancing everywhere. You will see how cool it is.

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