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Places of interest:The most important city in the area is Lao Cai, which is one of the main border posts with China. From the tourist point of view, the most interesting places to visit are:.

Excursions in the area: Excursions to the Ba Be Lakes Park can be made from Hanoi, in a 3-day trip spending two nights in the park, or can be combined with the Tonkinese Alps (either Sapa alone or a combination of Sapa and Bac Ha). In the latter case you will have to spend one night in Yen Bai.

Airport: Noi Bai is the airport serving domestic and international flights. It is 27 km. from the center and takes between 45 and 60 minutes, depending on traffic.Train station:There are several train stations, although the two that are used are very central.Places of interest:The city of Hanoi has many places of interest to visit. As a brief relation we offer the following:

– HO CHI MINHHo Chi Minh, the former Saigon, is the largest city in the country, and the most active from the economic and industrial point of view. Here you can find everything … except – perhaps – tranquility.

Đà nẵng

Are you planning to travel to Vietnam? Do not know where to start your trip to Vietnam and Cambodia and the places where you can not be asked, in this article we explain the keys and essential places to plan your route through Vietnam.

Vietnam is a great trendy destination, with lots of interesting places and charms to visit. So much so, it is sometimes difficult to choose which Vietnam tour best suits the type of Vietnam travel you would like to do.

In the end, if you already have clear days that you want to spend in Vietnam or you want to combine Vietnam and Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos or Indochina we recommend that you also take a look at the following contents.

Hanoi is full of history, in every corner of Hanoi surprises you a lot. To know well throughout all history in Vietnam, we have to visit the essential sites of Hanoi, as the mausoleum of Ho Chi Minh, in which the guides of Vietnam Asia Travel explain in detail the history of all Vietnam in the twentieth century, they fight with 5 investors (the French, the Japanese, the Americans, the Khmer Rouge, the Chinese). In Temple of Literature (the first university of Vietnam) one understands very well the promotion of studies and Vietnamese Confucian religion. In Ngoc Son Temple have an overview of Vietnamese characters, have answer why Vietnamese are very welcoming and friendly.

Which cities to visit in Vietnam

On the other hand, in the vast majority of hotels and in many cafes WIFI connection is good and free.  So do not worry about this aspect because in Vietnam you can always be connected.

Undoubtedly, shopping is one more incentive when you go sightseeing in Vietnam. Among the most interesting things you can find are silks, the famous Vietnamese hat, paintings, beautiful traditional dresses, lacquers, wooden figures and cotton garments. They are of excellent quality and you can find them at very cheap prices in the markets.

In principle Vietnam is a cash-only country. However in all the hotels credit cards are admitted and also in the restaurants and stores of certain level. In the most important cities (Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh) it will not be difficult to find ATMs if you want to withdraw money. But although there is no fixed rule, in general the commission will be high. Between 1.5 and 3% of what you withdraw. So we recommend you to change from your currency to local currency and to work with cash, at least, when you go on the street.

Vietnam attractions

The truth is that there are enough places to see in Vietnam to dedicate much more than 15 days. But that was the time we spent to know part of this wonderful country that is Vietnam, on a trip that then continued by Laos and Brunei.

In this post, we divide these places to see in Vietnam in three parts: the north, the center and the south of the country. Although it may seem to you that the trip is very tight, the truth is that we had no feeling of it during the trip, so we could visit the different places quite calmly.

Among the essential visits, some will remind us of its past as a colonial city. This is the case of the Ben Tranh market, the Saigon Opera House, the Notre Dame Cathedral or the Old Hotel de Ville or City Hall.

You should also visit the Reunification Palace, which takes us back to the time when Ho Chi Minh was the capital of South Vietnam, and the War Museum, which reminds us of the terrible battles fought between the armies of the north and south during the Vietnam War. At the Golden Dragon Puppet Theater you can enjoy one of the most purely Vietnamese shows: the water puppets. You can read more about places to see in Ho Chi Minh here.

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