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One of the aspects that most intrigues when traveling and that we have to take into account, is how much we are going to spend traveling. In this case: the cost of living in Vietnam, and what is the average necessary expense that we are going to need, here we will tell you.

Like many countries on the Southeast side of Asia, prices in Vietnam do not turn out to be very expensive, on the contrary, the lifestyle in Vietnam can be found very economical, especially when compared to other countries. From the most fundamental to the most idle things can be cheap in this country.

However, if you are a foreigner you may need some bargaining skills, because tourists tend to be given slightly higher prices than locals in some places, and yet, with that “mark-up”, they can be considered cheap. This is mostly due to the equivalence between Vietnam’s currency, the Vietnamese Dong, and ours, the Euro.

When we want to travel, the first thing we need to know is how much the trip will cost us in its entirety, that includes accommodation, meals, transportation (of the type that is necessary), health (travelers’ health insurance), excursions, everything has its cost so if we want to know the Conchinchina, we must ask ourselves how much does it cost to travel to Vietnam?

How much does it cost to travel to vietnam from mexico?

If you wonder if Vietnam is a cheap country, tell you that the prices in Vietnam are among the most affordable in Southeast Asia. In Vietnam you can do a lot of excursions and activities at affordable prices. At the time of eating the prices are also very cheap and at the time of making purchases you will find very good offers.

For most western travelers, Vietnam is very cheap. Especially if we follow the national rule of bargaining hard. The country is one of the cheapest in the world and you will find all kinds of bargains and deals. In addition, Vietnam’s hotels are some of the best value for money and eating, whether in street stalls or in the most sophisticated restaurant, is comparatively much cheaper than in Europe. Prices in Vietnam will depend a little on where you are but will always be more affordable than in the West.

Your stay in Vietnam is the ideal time to get your hands on handicrafts, food and clothing at relatively affordable prices. There are countless local markets, handicraft centers, art galleries where you can buy typical Vietnamese things for family and friends. But, don’t forget that in Vietnam you have to bargain always and for everything: shopping, accommodation, food, etc. Bargaining is part of the culture of the country and should be seen as a friendly exchange, as part of the fun. Try not to be aggressive, because that is not fun.

How expensive is it to travel to vietnam

With a tropical and subtropical climate, the maximum temperatures (around 35 degrees) occur in the month of July. The lowest temperatures (around 18 degrees) usually occur in January. As for rainfall, the rainy or monsoon season runs from May to August, usually peaking in August.

The best time to travel to Vietnam will depend on the area of the country you want to visit, so it is good to plan your trip in advance. In our article of Tips for traveling to Vietnam we have more recommendations for you to take into account during the organization.

How much do you live on in vietnam

How much money will you need for your trip to Vietnam? You should expect to spend around d1,206,481 ($52) per day on your Vietnam vacation, which is the average daily price based on other visitors’ spending.

Previous travelers have spent, on average, d275,483 ($12) on meals during a day and d245,635 ($10) on local transportation. In addition, the average price of a hotel in Vietnam for a couple is VND1,064,881 ($46).

Thus, a trip to Vietnam for two people for a week costs on average 16,890,730 drachmas ($722). All these average travel prices have been collected from other travelers to help you plan your own travel budget. A one-week vacation to Vietnam typically costs about 8,445,365 drachmas for one person.

If traveling more slowly for a longer period of time, the daily budget will also go down. Two people traveling together for a month in Vietnam can often have a lower daily budget per person than one person traveling alone for a week.

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