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Vietnam offers us a tour of spectacular scenery, enjoy its famous Halong Bay, a trip to the tribes of Sapa or stroll through the picturesque streets of Hoi An and Hue. We can navigate the Mekong Delta and enjoy a wide range of Vietnamese cuisine anywhere in the country.

In Rangali Tours we have different tours, always adapting to the idea of the clients. We can have group tours, from 7 nights onwards, as well as private services, much more customizable and always with the guarantee of having official guides.

Vietnam 2022

Here are our proposals of trips to Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos for reference. You can choose a program that you like or send us your ideas so that we can make an itinerary adapted to your desires.

Often, the traveler discovers the cultural and historical aspect of a city in a structured way. And the time allotted to gastronomy is unfortunately framed by meal times, so why not do both at the same time?

The fame of Vietnamese gastronomy is legendary. The birth of this reputation is due to the fact that its identity is plural and has a long history. Indeed, each region has its specialties and sometimes the cities themselves.

In service since June 2014, Mai Chau Ecolodge is a luxury eco-resort in the valley of Mai Chau, Hoa Binh province, where many ethnic groups live together such as the H’Mong, the Thai, the Tay, the…

What to see in Vietnam

Health: There are few pharmacies and medical centers even in large towns. Caution should be paid to food prepared in street stalls. The mains water is not drinkable in most localities, and bottled water is always recommended.

But if there is one thing this nation stands out for, it is its breathtaking scenery. Starting with Halong Bay, the great pride of Vietnam sculpted by the jade-colored flames of an ancient dragon, Vietnam’s sinuous terrain explodes into the Mekong Delta, a maze of tropicalism and palm trees where Americans once struggled to evade the forces of nature.

Evaneos vietnam

Traveling to Vietnam is a tremendously enriching and complete experience. The country has it all: paradisiacal beaches, fascinating cities, fertile valleys and rice fields, hospitable and friendly people … this sum of qualities make it a fascinating destination and, therefore, it is more than advisable to travel to Vietnam and soak up its culture and traditions.

This region of green rice fields where dozens of ethnic groups coexist contrasts markedly with the chaotic metropolises, mainly Hanoi -the capital of Vietnam- and Ho Chi Ming or Saigon, whose frenetic activity can be seen for example in the fact that it holds the Guinness record for motorcycles per inhabitant. On a trip to Vietnam, contrasts are guaranteed.

Among the highlights when traveling to Vietnam is also the spectacular Halong Bay, with its more than 2,000 islets jutting out of the waters. The best way to explore this jewel of nature is to embark on a mini-cruise – on a typical Vietnamese boat – for one or several nights to tour the bay and enjoy its beautiful views.

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