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Discover our offer for singles travel to Vietnam and its beaches. A trip that you will do alone to disconnect and fill you with the energy that Vietnam transmits (It is not a group trip for singles).

This trip is an adventure to travel alone and enjoy being single, because in 15 days you will visit the main points of interest of Vietnam and the beaches of Phan Thiet or Nha Trang, you will taste the Vietnamese food and you will integrate into their culture.

Sightseeing in Halong Bay is something you won’t be able to resist. This natural space looks like something out of a movie set – and indeed, it has been – and is ideal for cruising the waters of this part of the Gulf of Tonkin. The nearly 2,000 islands that shape this place, the many others that emerge from the crystal-clear blue waters and the thousands of grottoes shaped by wind and water make Halong Bay a place where you can let your imagination run wild.

I do not want to travel alone

This is a very safe country if we talk about the physical integrity of people. Physical violence with a foreigner is unthinkable; however, pickpocketing, without violence, is developing rapidly in the big cities.

– Fish. It is usually from the river, except when we are in a city by the sea. They cook it very well, and some specialties are fried catfish, jellied fish in clay pots and calamari cooked with beer.

Normally in the restaurants the food is not very spicy, and the client spices it extra to his taste. If you don’t want anything spicy, you have to say so when ordering. In most restaurants, they also have cutlery, but it does not hurt to practice a little.Those who want to try new or unusual things have the opportunity to eat snake, turtle, rat, fried worms, bat stew … The dog is very appreciated in the north, but should not be eaten at the end of the lunar month.In the cities, especially in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, there is a wide variety of restaurants of all kinds, at reasonable prices.

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Vietnam offers a myriad of unforgettable experiences. Sublime, like gazing at the surreal landscape of limestone islands from the deck of a junk in Halong Bay. Insane, like taking 10 minutes to cross a street amidst thousands of motorcycles in Hanoi. Inspiring, like exploring the world’s most spectacular cave system. Comical, like watching a moped loaded with pigs zigzagging along a country road. And reflective, like watching a lonely grave in a cemetery filled with thousands of war victims. As Iain Stewart, writer, rightly says:

‘Very comprehensive tour of 18 total days, where we thoroughly visit the Sapa region and spend 2 nights in the Halong area. We can also make an extension to Angkor Wat in Cambodia at the end of the tour.

Vietnam has a rich and very unique civilization, spectacular scenery and an open and hospitable population. We will travel from Sapa to Halong Bay, passing through the monumental center and a south of canals and markets…

I travel alone officer

My main problem is how to distribute the days in each place along vietnan, in which cities to sleep and how many days. we would love to go through the Sapa, a beach and those places or excursions essential. thank you very much for your attention.

Unfortunately it was not our destination Vietnam, was Thailand but due to the latest attacks throughout the country, we have decided to change the destination.

After reading a lot of information I have decided that the Ninh Binh area is not to be missed. I saw that you did a tour from Hanoi, I had thought to do a night train from Hue (I travel from south to north) and stay two nights in Tam Coc, do you think it is too long, do you think it is better to get to Hanoi and do a day trip from there?

The other doubt I have is, being in Nihn Bihn, there is no way to go directly to Halong Bay to take the boat for two days, I can not find a way to do it and I see that it is in the same area, I mean not to have to return to Hanoi and take the tour from there.

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