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We had a lot of doubts especially for the weather, since we travel in January and we paint it a little chunguillo, especially has long bay, we have a two-night cruise but do not know if it will be worth it because everywhere says that it will be raining all day and relatively low temperatures for what is Vietnam.

I am going to travel about 18-20 days between October and November. I plan to visit Angkor, and I understand that if I will be less than 15 days in Vietnam I do not need a visa, so my question is simple: I can travel to Vietnam, and without leaving the airport take a flight to Siem Reap to save me the visa? I would be about 3-4 days in Cambodia and the rest in Vietnam. I think I will fly from Barcelona to Ho Chi Minh, and from there to Siem Rep, explore Angkor and take a flight to Hanoi, and go from North to South to Ho Chi Minh.

I have loved your blog and all the information you provide. It helps a lot to all people who are going to travel to this place. Me and my husband will be traveling between the month of April and May, we are looking forward to it.

Requirements to enter vietnam

Click for more info and get a 5% discount. Anyway, Vietnam is a country whose prices will depend a lot on your bargaining skills. Even for basic necessities like buying a bottle of water will become a haggling job on your trip.

Each of them has a different cost, with the cheapest being the one-month ticket with an entrance fee. You will have to get it before you travel, so if you want to forget all the hassle of having to process it, I advise you to choose to apply for the visa for Vietnam through specialists.

Currency in vietnam

Is Vietnam a dangerous country? Vietnam is in general a super safe country, in which the probability of being assaulted, abused and/or robbed with violence is very low. I, in some ways, feel safer here than in most European cities. However, it is better to be safe than sorry and avoid uncomfortable situations at all costs. 10 things to watch out for in Vietnam

Although most cab drivers in Vietnam are honest, there have been quite a few reported cases of scams carried out by cab drivers picking people up in tourist areas. I have read first-person accounts of quite angry people who had been charged abusive prices (for having the meter on or not having it on at all), or even blocked the doors to force them to pay. In this sense, I recommend that you cure yourself in health using apps like Grab or Be (available for Android and Itunes).

Don’t take “gifts” from anyone on the street, because if you do, you will have to pay the price they give you or get an argument. In the tourist areas many people will “give” buns, drinks or fruit to tourists, but don’t get confused, they are not gifts, they are trying to get you to try it to force you to pay the price they want. My advice here is to negotiate the price before taking anything, and pay before eating, to make sure that if there is a misunderstanding you can always back out (imagine that you understood that the price was 15.000 dongs (0.6€) but instead it is 150.000 (6€), I am sure you would not be happy to pay, but if you have already eaten it you have no choice but to pay or have an uncomfortable moment.

Vaccinations for travel to vietnam

Until further notice, it is not possible to travel to Vietnam as a tourist and air connections are scarce, so the Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommends avoiding the trip, as you could be surprised by perimeter closures and mandatory quarantines located in certain cities or neighborhoods.

On the other hand, it is advisable to always be very attentive to your passport and demand its immediate return to the employees of hotels and travel agencies if you have been asked to copy your data. As well as to be aware of the charges on purchases made with credit cards, as cases of fraudulent use of credit card data have been detected.

The train is another of the best options to move around Vietnam. Although Vietnamese trains are not high speed, they are quite cheap and you can enjoy the scenery. There are different types of seats: from wooden seats to beds.

The plane is perfect to save time on long distances. It is a very popular transport for travelers. However, if time permits, remember that the airplane pollutes much more than other means of transport!

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