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V7inter – 40 years since the fall of Saigon


Vietnam’s bustling capital, Hanoi, is known for its dizzying traffic, excellent cuisine and festive atmosphere, along with charming French colonial architecture. On the other hand, the more populous Ho Chi Minh City, formerly Saigon, in the south of the country, has a more Westernized feel. And in the center of the country, cozy Hoi An will show you the lights of Vietnam.

It’s true that organized tours to Vietnam will show you a land of contrasts, from the hills of Sapa to the idyllic beaches of Phu Quoc and the sand dunes of the Bao Trang desert, Vietnam is as diverse as it is enchanting.

Vietnam’s turbulent history in the 20th century is well known, but the country has a long and fascinating heritage that has made the country what it is today. The territory of present-day Vietnam has been inhabited since Paleolithic times and for more than a millennium had close ties with China, a period in history that had a great influence on the countries’ culture, traditions and beliefs.

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It is best to start in the north of Vietnam (Hanoi) and end in the south (Ho Chi Minh City), the fastest way to get around Vietnam is by plane, the cheapest is by bus. Alternatively we also have the train.

Lao Cai: Northwest of Hanoi, just 3 km from the city of the same name. The demarcation between China and Vietnam is signed by a river, and on both sides of the bridge that crosses it are the respective customs, you have to cross the border on foot or by train. It is not open to passenger vehicles.

Mong Cai: Northeast of Hanoi. You have to cross the border on foot. Not open for passenger vehicles. Huu Nghi: North of Hanoi. You have to cross the border on foot or by train. Not open for passenger vehicles.

Cau Treo: Near Vinh city, south of Hanoi. Allows crossing buses going to VientianeLao Bao: Near the city of Dong Da, north of Hue. Allows to cross bus lines going to Savannakhet.

The first recommendation is to be light. The first thing to understand before packing, is that here in Vietnam you can buy almost everything. It is fun and cheap to buy clothes. Things such as: t-shirts, dresses, hats… are very easy to find. So that you do not forget anything necessary, we provide you with the following list:

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All travelers seeking a tropical retreat can land on Vietnam’s large southern island of Phu Quoc, where you can lose yourself among forests that end at white sandy beaches and dirt tracks that beckon you to explore by motorcycle.

Southern Vietnam is a landscape replete with different shades of green and waterways. Among this watery world are hidden villages, markets and old military bases. This whole area is very rural, while being one of the most densely populated regions. It is a well-deserved area to explore when traveling to Vietnam.

The largest city in South Vietnam is a constantly changing, commercial and cultural city that has advanced the country as if it were the West. It is a city full of life that is contagious to all who visit.

The French built this cathedral between 1877 and 1883 in the heart of the city, in the government district of Ho Chi Minh City. The church is dedicated to the Virgin Mary, in neo-Romanesque style with two 40 m square towers. An attempt by the French to remember their beloved Paris.

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Vietnam will exalt your five senses with its exotic flavors and fascinating natural landscapes.  The cozy streets of Hoi An, full of lamps, lanterns and bicycles, coexist with the hectic and bustling pace of big cities like Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City.  Sail through the emerald waters of Halong Bay, between limestone mountains and rocky caves. Relive the entire historical past of the Asian country in the imperial city of Hue and explore the lush rice fields of Sa Pa.  Our trip to Vietnam promises to be an authentic and unforgettable experience.

Halong Bay is a must, and Hoi An is beautiful. The rest… well, it’s nothing to write home about, the truth is, you waste more time in traveling than in the visits themselves. The hotels are quite good, and the food is delicious. The Lavender Boutique Hotel in Saigon/Ho Chi Minh is the worst (cold water, cockroaches, dirt…) it is not a good idea to work with them. Regarding Grande Voyage, everything was perfect.

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