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Vietnam visa, all the ways to apply for it


One of the doubts that always arise when we start a trip is the documentation, do I need a visa or not, how to process it, how much time I need and so on. In this post we explain you how to manage your visa for Vietnam.

The cost of the visa varies between 40 usd – 70 usd, depending on the place from where you process it, the amount of time you want to be in the country (1 month / 3 months), the number of entries you want to do (single entry / multi-entry) and the time you want to wait to pick it up (the cheapest option is 24 hours). You can ask for your visa from the official and manage it yourself, or from a processing company and for a little more money they will manage it for you.

You can save money with the service fee if you are more than 2 people, the more visas you process together the cheaper it will be. For example 2 or 3 people. Remember that the stamping fees will be fixed.

The cost of the processing will depend on the agency (55 usd) and the delivery time will be around 7 days. During those 7 days the agency should keep your passport. In case you want to extend your visa for more than 1 month you will have to do the same procedure or leave the country and re-enter after at least 30 days.

What VISA do I need and how to get it?

As of January 2018, travelers entering Vietnam have been given the option to acquire their visa electronically, this saves a tremendous amount of time for its travelers who would otherwise have to form long and circuitous lines upon arrival at any Vietnamese airport.

Your electronic visa to Vietnam, or also called VOA (Vietnam On Arrival), will be required from the moment you board your flight and when you present yourself to the immigration officer. This can be obtained as early as 8 hours, but it is advisable to apply in advance to avoid possible delays in travel plans.

It is a travel authorization to enter Vietnam, this will be required by all travelers, including minors, it will be endorsed by the Vietnamese Immigration Department, applying online has several benefits such as: Legitimacy, convenience, cost efficiency and speed.

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Before starting the trip it is very important to have all the documents prepared. One of them and for being one of the most important is the visa to Vietnam, because if we do not have all the documentation in order we will not be able to enter the country.

The Vietnam visa requirements for foreigners is that you have to enter with the eVisa (visa to Vietnam online). With this option you are given up to 30 days of stay, after this time you have to leave the country or you can consult us to help you to extend the stay longer.

For it the Vietnamese authorities will request you a letter of invitation that only the travel agencies process them. From Viaje Vietnam Asia we can process it, in this table we leave you the days and the price visa Vietnam:

You have to check if in your country there is an embassy of Vietnam and approach or send them an email to process your visa. They will be able to process it to you, this option is more expensive since they take included the expenses of embassy.

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In the main page of the Tips for traveling we have explained that the visa for Vietnam depends on the passport that you have. In any case, it will always have to have a minimum validity date of six months from the entrance to the country and two pages of free stamps.

If you process your visa online, you will have to present a letter of invitation when you enter Vietnam. You will receive it in your email during visa processing. Also, please note that you will only be able to enter with an online visa through these border crossing points:

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