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After 2 years of uncertainty, Vietnam reopens its


Vietnam is one of the most beautiful countries in Southeast Asia. Although its beauty was kept hidden for several decades due to conflicts in the country and some travel restrictions in the past, this situation turned Vietnam into an exotic jewel. Vietnam attracts the attention of travelers who desire beautiful landscapes surrounded by lots of greenery, lush beaches and a lot of historical past.

Vietnam is one of the most promising destinations available today. In this country you can enjoy paradisiacal environments as well as do business, study and many other activities. Tourism is an important source of income for Vietnam, for this reason, the government has taken all measures and requirements to travel to Vietnam, in order to reestablish the entry of tourists without affecting the security in Vietnam.

The government has taken a series of measures to reestablish the entry of tourists without affecting security in the country. Check the requirements that tourists must meet to travel to Vietnam:

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Vietnam has now reopened the doors to international tourism. In that regard, travel site The Culture Trip recently listed six interesting activities in the Indochinese nation that all visitors should experience while here.

The tourism products featured in the four-season Bat Xat festival series, which runs from July to October 2022 in the North Vietnamese province of Lao Cai, grab the attention of many domestic and foreign tourists.

The Cu Lao Cham island group in Vietnam’s Quang Nam province, recognized by UNESCO as a world biosphere reserve in 2009, is aiming to become a plastic waste-free tourism site.

The Department of Tourism of this central Vietnamese city demanded tour operators to ensure the quality of tourism services during the holiday on the occasion of National Day (September 2).

Fishermen living in the coastal areas of the central Vietnamese city of Da Nang usually gather every dawn or dusk to throw their nets into the sea so that they can then gradually pull the nets back to the beach.

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The authorities knew that the country’s precarious health system would collapse if they did not prevent contagion, so they focused their efforts on handing out thousands of masks, closing their borders, carrying out massive testing, and carefully tracking those infected and their contacts.

It soon restricted travel and was one of the first countries to implement a lockdown or impose quarantines on anyone entering the country. By the first week of March, free visas for Europeans had disappeared.

What would really make a difference would be the tracking of all positive cases and the thorough isolation of anyone who might have been infected. The screening of people close to an infected person was done at up to three levels.  Those who were close to the positives were sent to internment centers in military hospitals or university residences, but anyone who had been close to a person at risk was confined to a hospital or university.

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Travel insurance is not mandatory for travel to Vietnam, but highly recommended. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommends taking out travel insurance to cover expenses arising from hospitalization, transfer of the injured or repatriation for travel to Vietnam.

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