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Vietnam Itinerary, and what to visit in Vietnam and Southeast Asia


Those of you who follow us know that we are addicted to traveling in Asia, and that we have recently traveled to Indonesia, Laos and Malaysia, in addition to having visited China, Japan, Singapore and Thailand, so we were a little expectant about what we would find when traveling through Vietnam.

The normal way to visit Vietnam is to arrive to the country either by its capital, Hanoi, located in the north of the country, or by Ho Chi Minh, the old Saigon, which is in the south, so almost any route through Vietnam will be made from north to south, or vice versa.

To enter Vietnam you need a visa, if you are going to stay more than 15 days. We processed the eVisa, an online visa that is very convenient, fast and the cheapest, so we recommend it, take a look at our article on How to process the e Visa Vietnam.

The Vietnamese government is starting to lift access restrictions from November 2021. In addition, since mid-March, they have announced a relaxation of the measures, even resuming the Visa Waiver if you travel less than 15 days and resuming the processing of electronic visas.


Tours to Vietnam 2021 and Organized Tours… Let yourself be surprised by a country full of culture, traditions, gastronomy and tourism … Discover the nooks and crannies of Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam and visit its exotic markets… Explore the great beaches of crystal clear water in Phu Quoc Island, a destination that has become a favorite for newlywed couples and the lush beaches of Nha Trang, which is also known for its famous rice terraces and marble forests, inhabited by the H’mong, Dzao and Thai ethnic groups … Get to know the city of Hue in central Vietnam, with its spectacular architecture declared a World Heritage Site… Be amazed by the floating markets of Can Tho, the Binh Thuy temple and the Can Tho Bridge… Book the best package tours with Kerala Travel.

It is not for nothing that this region of Asia is one of the most popular, because here no two landscapes are the same, just as no two days will be the same in your Vietnam vacation. Let us take care of the details, while you enjoy the different Vietnamese cities with our Kerala Tours, book now!

Definitive Guide to Traveling in Vietnam | Tips 2020

Fortunately, more and more countries in Asia are open to travel despite the coronavirus. Vietnam has not been left behind and, after a partial opening in previous months, decided to open its borders to everyone on March 15, 2022.

Fortunately, the harsh wave of infections caused by the Omicron variant has almost completely subsided in the country. This is causing that the harsh restrictions seen a few months ago are no longer in place.

Something to keep in mind is that, when you leave Vietnam, you will have to wait at least 30 days to be able to enter the country again and get another 15 days of visa extension. In case you want to make several entries or want to stay longer continuously, you have to apply for a visa in advance. This can be done at a Vietnamese embassy or consulate abroad or online, this is known as an eVisa.

The eVisa of Vietnam allows you a single entry to the country (if you leave, it is invalidated) and a stay not exceeding 30 consecutive days. The most economical is to process it directly through the official portal and forget about intermediary agencies. It costs 25$ and it takes 3 working days to get it.


Undoubtedly one of the most intense and extraordinary countries in Southeast Asia. To make a trip to Vietnam is to be left with your mouth open at every step with the natural beauty of its landscapes, to hallucinate with the cultural diversity of the different ethnic groups that inhabit it or to cross the street without being run over by one of the millions of motorcycles that run through its streets.

In the trips to Vietnam the lodgings are characterized by a marked local character. We will stay in nice places and we will have the experience of sleeping with local families in some points learning about their way of life and their daily life.

The official currency of Vietnam is the Vietnamese Dong (VND). 1 euro is equivalent to approximately 25,000 VND, so it is easy to make the accounts of what we spend in the destination. There are ATMs in the part of the places where we will move.

The most advisable thing to travel to Vietnam is to do it with a travel backpack. You can take suitcase if you wish it but the bad state of the sidewalks and the scarce paving in some zones will make your trip more difficult…

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