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Today we will visit the Forbidden Citadel, the main royal tombs and Dong Ba market. Ready to cross the Cloud Pass (Hai Van Pass) before arriving in Danang. Transfer to Hoi An.

We will start at the Western Gate of Angkor Thom, less frequented by tourists, and then go through the temple of Bayon, Baphuon, the different terraces of the complex and, of course, the mythical temple of Angkor Wat. We will finish the visit contemplating the sunset… Magnificent!

Visit the Blue Temple and the famous Golden Triangle, geographical point where the Mekong River makes natural border between Thailand, Myanmar (Burma) and Laos. From the viewpoint we will be able to contemplate the three countries separated by the course of one of the most famous rivers in Asia. Cruise on the Mekong and transfer to Chiang Mai.

Thailand, cambodia and vietnam in 20 days

We are going to Southeast Asia! A trip that will mark our lives awaits us…everything will be new sensations and experiences: culture, smells, religion…I had the honor to live in Thailand for a few months, so I am going to tell you all what to do and what to see in Thailand.

The first thing to do is to eat something quiet, and then we go for a walk in the lung of the city, the Lumphini Park. It is huge and full of life, we will see it from the first moment. Curious things of this park that we should not miss are:

After visiting Lumphini Park, we are going to give our first Asian “treat” … what better way to recover from the trip than a good Thai massage? You will see a thousand places that offer this service at very cheap prices, but most of them leave much to be desired in terms of cleanliness and professionalism.

Therefore I am going to recommend the best of all under the criteria of my friend Lara who has tried more than 500 places (and now also mine), to give you an incredible Thai massage of 2 hours, and you will tell me how you feel….es amazing!

Tour thailand, cambodia and vietnam from colombia

Our first departure will be a tour of Hanoi through which we will discover the must-see jewels of the Vietnamese capital. Our first stop will be the Temple of Literature, one of the icons of Hanoi. Founded in 1070, it was the first university in the country.

We will head to Hoan Kiem Lake to visit the Ngoc Son Temple. Then we will explore the Old Quarter by Cyclo Push, a symbolic Vietnamese tricycle that travels through the fascinating narrow streets, known as “the 36 streets” where each one has the name of the product that sold: fabrics, handicrafts, medicines and tombstones, among others.  The place is a paradise for lovers of handicrafts and for those who are attracted by the local life.

Our route will take us to the must-see sites of Hoi An, the city of a thousand colors. During the 17th and 18th centuries, it became one of the most important commercial attractions in the country due to its port, which changed the lifestyle of the locals. Today it still retains this ancient essence.

Thailand cambodia and vietnam tour from mexico

Besides having a millenary culture that will captivate you, these countries boast captivating nature, friendly people who will welcome you warmly, paradisiacal beaches, modern and historic cities and towns and villages that seem trapped in the past.

Thailand has become for many travelers a must-see destination and one of the most visited in the world. Many adjectives have been used to describe this colorful, hospitable and joyful country.

The “country of eternal smiles” is a real mosaic of cities, Buddhist temples, countless markets, food stalls of all kinds, landscapes dominated by the green of the jungle and beaches where the turquoise waters are the main charm.

Despite its sad recent history, one of Cambodia’s many treasures is its people. Thanks to an unbreakable spirit and a contagious optimism, they have kept smiling despite the hardships of its complicated past.

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