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That’s what it’s like TO FLY BY PLANE THIS SUMMER ✈️ My trip to.


Travel insurance is not mandatory for travel to Vietnam, but highly recommended. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommends taking out travel insurance to cover expenses arising from hospitalization, transfer of injured or repatriation for travel to Vietnam.

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In other words, in terms of public safety, Vietnam is safe, but there is a risk of theft or having your bag ripped open to steal your valuables in tourist places and crowds. Therefore, it is advisable to be careful in these places and if you plan to travel by bus or train, especially at night.

On the other hand, the MAEC highlights the importance of asking for the immediate return of the passport in hotels and travel agencies once they have already made the photocopy or taken the data. The same when paying by card, since there have been cases of fraudulent use of data.

He is more precise when speaking in terms of sanitary conditions. Thus, he speaks of “poor sanitary conditions” and of a “very basic hospital equipment in Vietnam”, being “advisable to travel to Bangkok or Singapore for serious medical ailments”, “so it is essential to travel with a medical insurance that covers all kinds of expenses”. We will tell you more about it later, but IATI Backpacker is your best ally for this incredible adventure you are going to do.

Countries in Asia that you can ALREADY travel to (even without vaccination)

Until further notice, it is not possible to travel to Vietnam as a tourist and air connections are scarce, so the Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommends avoiding travel, as you could be surprised by perimeter closures and mandatory quarantines located in certain cities or neighborhoods.

On the other hand, it is advisable to always be very attentive to your passport and demand its immediate return to the employees of hotels and travel agencies if you have been asked to copy your data. As well as to be aware of the charges on purchases made with credit cards, as cases of fraudulent use of credit card data have been detected.

The train is another of the best options to move around Vietnam. Although Vietnamese trains are not high speed, they are quite cheap and you will be able to enjoy the scenery. There are different types of seats: from wooden seats to beds.

The plane is perfect to save time on long distances. It is a very popular transport for travelers. However, if time permits, remember that the airplane pollutes much more than other means of transport!

Welcome to Vietnam! 2022 VIETNAM has OPENED!

Although Vietnam is considered one of the safest Asian countries to travel to, it is always necessary to take certain precautions. First of all, you should know that the main incidents in this country are related to medical problems (emergency consultations and hospitalizations) and luggage theft. Therefore, it is necessary to take a travel insurance to Vietnam that has these coverages, in addition to 24-hour assistance. With Totaltravel travel insurance you will have this and, in addition, the best protection during your trip: repatriation, luggage, delays, loss of services and cancellation or interruption of the trip, among others. And if you are going to practice trekking or other adventure activities in Vietnam, with Totalsports you will have the most complete coverage both in your trip and in the practice of these activities.

Although it can also rain, it is best to go to Vietnam during the dry season, i.e. from October to April, and keep in mind that the end of January is the time when most tourists visit the country and, therefore, when you will find the most crowded places of interest.

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