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Watching Hanoi’s street train pass through the city’s narrow historic quarter is quite a spectacle. Undoubtedly one of the most popular attractions in Vietnam’s capital. But where does it pass through and can it be visited today? We leave you the map, timetable, location of alternative access and tips to go to Hanoi Railway Street on your own.Let’s go there!

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This was the busiest section, although currently closed. Main access and the most famous of the train street, and the one you will see in most Instagram photos. Today it’s where you’ll find fences and police.

Train from hanoi to sapa

If you are in search of a real adventure in Asia, a border-crossing train journey is certainly ideal for you – like China to Vietnam. The journey of real romance begins when your viewpoint changes from modern urban to landscapes surrounded by rice paddies.

A trip to cross the border from Nanning to Hanoi can be daunting, especially at night, and the choice of transportation. On a long-distance trip, cars are cramped and unpleasant-smelling, traveling on an overnight train, places where you can stretch your legs, and lying on beds are more comfortable and more pleasant.

The ticket offices in both Nanning and Hanoi do not ask for visa to be able to buy tickets. Refusal of entry at customs or the border due to an invalid visa or passport is entirely the responsibility of the traveler, and the train station will have no responsibility or grant any request for refund of the ticket in a similar case.

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Vietnam railways

Luggage storage varies from station to station and in many stations the “luggage store” is run by the women selling drinks on the corner. When arranging your trip, we do not recommend that you plan to store your luggage at the station for a long period of time.

Boarding procedures depend on many variables such as station, staff, time of day, etc. Sometimes you will have to show your e-ticket to enter the platform and then the conductor will scan it on board the train, while at other times you can ride without showing it before it is scanned once you are underway. You can board the train at a later station than the one listed as your initial departure station and you can get off the train before the scheduled station but note that there are no tickets that allow you to get back on once you have alighted from the train.

The process for private trains is somewhat different. We will send you a PDF voucher with your confirmation code and you will need to present it at the operator’s window at the station or nearby office. The voucher will include directions to the ticket pick-up location.

Vietnam travelers

This seems to be the issue that causes the most hesitation among travelers preparing their trip to Vietnam. The lack of knowledge about what transports exist in Vietnam, what they are like and how to book tickets often leads travelers to unnecessarily spend large sums of money on tours to places they could easily visit by themselves spending half, a quarter or even less.With this article I hope to help you learn about the different means of transport that exist in Vietnam and how to hire them, so that you don’t need to rely on tour agencies to plan your trip.

PRO TIP!!! – If you are going to visit Sapa, Tam Coc (Ninh Binh) and Halong Bay or Cat Ba, you don’t need to go through Hanoi in between. You can perfectly well go by bus from Hanoi to Sapa, from there to Halong or Cat Ba and, from any of these, take a direct bus to Tam Coc (Ninh Binh), from where you can continue on an overnight train to Hue or Da Nang, or return to Hanoi to fly to your next destination. Traveling between the different destinations will save you time and money. How are the trains in Vietnam? How to book trains in Vietnam?

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