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Do you know what travel budget you need to visit Vietnam and Cambodia as a backpacker? If going to these two countries is on your mind, you will be glad to know that you will not need too much budget per day to sleep and eat.

Southeast Asia (including Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Thailand) is one of the cheapest areas to travel to. While airfare can be expensive, especially from Latin America, the cost of living in this region is quite affordable.

If you sleep in shared rooms with other people, you will reduce this cost. For solo travelers, you may not always want to share a night. A room for one person in a hostel should not cost more than 15 euros per night.

In Vietnam and Cambodia it is much cheaper to eat in the street stalls, as many locals do, than to go to the supermarket and, of course, to indulge in a pizza in the middle of Hanoi (even if it is sometimes necessary to stop eating so much rice!).


Traveling to Vietnam and Cambodia is a perfect option if you want to make the most of your trip to a distant and exotic destination such as Southeast Asia. Without the need to lengthen your trip or increase your budget, you will visit two different and incredible countries in the same trip.

Cambodia, who wouldn’t want to get lost in the incredible ruins of Angkor, in the middle of the jungle? The most impressive temples in all of Southeast Asia, where you can feel like an explorer and get lost in the ruins.

After lunch, we moved to the prison-museum Hoa Lo, better known as “the Hilton” for the hundreds of American convicts who were imprisoned from 54 to 73. We continue with the Temple of Literature, the first university in the country founded in 1070, and visiting the Hoan Kiem Lake or Lake of the Restored Sword.

We take a xicycle ride through the Old Quarter of Hanoi also known as the neighborhood of 36 streets that in its time each was known for artisans and workshops of a particular profession. Return to hotel and overnight in Hanoi. Overnight in Hanoi.

Travel vietnam, cambodia and thailand el corte inglés

The paradisiacal beaches, the exultant nature, the charming places, the culture and the idiosyncrasy of its people; the rich and delicious gastronomy, the colors of the sky, the sea, the land, make it a wonderful combined trip.

The circular route in which we will arrive in Bangkok, from there we will travel to Siem Reap to visit the temples of Angkor in Cambodia; then we will go to Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia; we will delight in Ho Chi Minh City, formerly known as Saigon in Vietnam, from which we will dive into Phu Quoc, the wonderful tropical island of Vietnam.

Give yourself a couple of days to see the capital, although as it has so many things to see I suggest that on returning from the route through Cambodia and Vietnam you leave another couple of days to enjoy this great city.

It has about one hundred thousand inhabitants and its environment is paradisiacal. Its beaches are postcard, as I say: white sand, crystal clear water, tropical forests, and a very interesting capital Duong Dong.

Travel to Vietnam 2022

The mysterious waters and dazzling sunrises of Halong Bay await us on this organized tour of Vietnam and Cambodia. We will start in Hanoi, the vibrant capital, where you can experience the flavors of Vietnamese cuisine and visit palaces and typical markets. We will continue to the magical Hoi An to get lost among its narrow streets full of lanterns and lamps. In the city of Hue we will relive the imperial past of the Asian country and cross the waters of the Mekong River to visit pagodas and fishing villages. We will experience the contrast between modernity and colonial tradition in Ho Chi Minh City, the old Saigon. Then we will fly to the city of Siem Reap, in Cambodia, where all the nature, history and mysticism of the temples of Angkor Wat awaits us.

International and domestic flights, transfers, accommodation in 3 to 5* hotels, English speaking assistance and guided tour. Cruise on Halong Bay and boat excursion on the Perfume and Mekong River.

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