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We had a lot of doubts especially for the weather, since we travel in January and we paint it a little chunguillo, especially has long bay, we have a two-night cruise but do not know if it will be worth it because everywhere says that it will be raining all day and relatively low temperatures for what is Vietnam.

I am going to travel about 18-20 days between October and November. I plan to visit Angkor, and I understand that if I will be less than 15 days in Vietnam I do not need a visa, so my question is simple: I can travel to Vietnam, and without leaving the airport take a flight to Siem Reap to save me the visa? I would be about 3-4 days in Cambodia and the rest in Vietnam. I think I will fly from Barcelona to Ho Chi Minh, and from there to Siem Rep, explore Angkor and take a flight to Hanoi, and go from North to South to Ho Chi Minh.

I have loved your blog and all the information you provide. It helps a lot to all people who are going to travel to this place. Me and my husband will be traveling between the month of April and May, we are looking forward to it.

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You’ll hear a lot of stories about Vietnam. Some of them, possibly, not very good. That the people are very unfriendly, that they try to rip you off everywhere, that they don’t respect anything, that they hate every foreigner because of the “recent” War against the Americans….

The best part?  The wonder of Halong Bay and the island of Cat Ba, something absolutely magical, Tam Coc, the land Halong Bay and Mui Ne and Hoi An, two totally unexpected surprises. And I admit that I liked the chaos and madness in the big cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon).

An endless trip, with moments where I swallowed dust for hours, where I preferred not to look out the window and not to notice the cliffs we were crossing or where the fever visited me at the worst moment. Of course, the incredible landscapes on the way compensate for all of the above!

It is clear that what is most striking at first is the madness of motorcycles that gives it a special touch. Added to the many interesting places to visit, I came out of my days in the city surprised.

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And as the name suggests, get ready for adventure. Learn to dance with the Samburu tribe in Kenya, sleep in a ger with a nomadic family in the middle of the Gobi desert in Mongolia, relax in an Ayurveda spa in Sri Lanka or swim in the turquoise waters of Fiji – there’s plenty to choose from!

From the first moment you enjoy the aroma of samlor korko you will learn of the culinary richness that Vietnam, Cambodia and South Africa have to offer. By experiencing their gastronomic tradition you will get a taste of their culture and meet local chefs, farmers and food vendors. You will also explore the art, religion and history of these amazing countries.

Through meditation, yoga and traditional medicine you will discover a new perspective on health and the spiritual country of Sri Lanka. When you are not working on your inner peace you will prepare traditional dishes, explore beautiful beaches and care for the elderly. We believe that helping the world begins with healing yourself. When you have achieved inner balance you will be better equipped to make a positive impact on those around you.

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A country where you will find waterfalls hidden behind dirt roads, where you will climb steep slopes to reach the highest peaks and where you will pass by rice fields tended by some of the more than 50 ethnic groups throughout Vietnam as you go in your 4×4.

It is very striking that in this area you will find dairy cows feeding on the remains of the fruits and leaves along the apricot and plum trees gardens of Moc Chau, your final destination this day and rest in the evening at the hotel.

Today you will continue along the same path that thousands of Vietnamese took during the war and that gave so many headaches to the Americans as these paths are camouflaged among the jungle without knowing if it exists or not.

It is on these roads where you will find places that almost no one knows about because of how difficult they are to access, the Hong Son waterfall in Tan Ky is not something you see every day and everyone who sees it stops for a moment to rest.

You will not have the feeling that you are far from your destination because when you see the caves of Thung Khien or the ancient tree in the area you will think that this is all you need and you just want to continue enjoying. For that tonight it will be your turn to sleep in a hotel before continuing to the center.

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