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The health in certain countries is very precarious, for that reason it is necessary that you make sure that you contract a travel insurance before traveling, that guarantees a few services of medical assistance and hospitalization of quality in case any unforeseen event arises. Because you never know what can happen, it is best to travel protected with the peace of mind of being able to put yourself in the hands of specialists if you need it.

Do you want to visit Vietnam? In that case, it is highly recommended that you purchase travel insurance for worry-free travel. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommends it: travel is always at the traveler’s own risk, with all expenses arising from hospitalization, transfer of injured persons or repatriation of corpses to be borne by the individual.

– For single entry visas and up to 30 days stay, you can apply through either of these two official websites: or In both cases, you will have to pay a fee of US$25 by bank transfer. In case of visa denial, the fee will not be refunded.

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Avoid making ostentation of money or objects that can become the ideal target of friends of the stranger. And in crowded places, such as the old quarter of Hanoi or in the shopping markets both in Hnaoi and Ho Chi Minh City you have to be a little careful especially with pickpockets and put our money safe. A good strategy is to divide your belongings and money, keeping them in several different places.

One of the most striking things about Vietnam is that it is the country of copies. You will find all kinds of fakes of famous brands. If you choose to buy in Vietnam this type of products, make sure that you pay the right price for them and that you do not get a “pig in a poke”. That is to say, that they do not sell you a copy for the original.

The issue of cabs is the most controversial. There is almost no cab driver in Vietnam who does not want to overcharge. They try either not to put the taximeter running or negotiate a price much higher than it corresponds or give you a long ride before arriving at the destination.

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Although Vietnam is considered one of the safest Asian countries to travel, it is always necessary to take certain precautions. First of all, you should know that the main incidents in this country are related to medical problems (emergency consultations and hospitalizations) and luggage theft. Therefore, it is necessary to take a travel insurance to Vietnam that has these coverages, in addition to 24-hour assistance. With Totaltravel travel insurance you will have this and, in addition, the best protection during your trip: repatriation, luggage, delays, loss of services and cancellation or interruption of the trip, among others. And if you are going to practice trekking or other adventure activities in Vietnam, with Totalsports you will have the most complete coverage both in your trip and in the practice of these activities.

Although it can also rain, it is best to go to Vietnam during the dry season, i.e. from October to April, and keep in mind that the end of January is the time when most tourists visit the country and, therefore, when you will find the most crowded places of interest.

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Click for more info and get a 5% discount. Anyway, Vietnam is a country whose prices will depend a lot on your bargaining skills. Even for basic necessities like buying a bottle of water will become a haggling job on your trip.

Each of them has a different cost, with the cheapest being the one-month ticket with an entrance fee. You will have to get it before you travel, so if you want to forget all the hassle of having to process it, I advise you to choose to apply for the visa for Vietnam through specialists.

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