How to travel to vietnam

How to travel to vietnam


We had a lot of doubts especially for the weather, since we travel in January and we paint it a little chunguillo, especially has long bay, we have a two-night cruise but do not know if it will be worth it because everywhere says it will be raining all day and relatively low temperatures for what is Vietnam.

I am going to travel about 18-20 days between October and November. I plan to visit Angkor, and I understand that if I will be less than 15 days in Vietnam I do not need a visa, so my question is simple: I can travel to Vietnam, and without leaving the airport take a flight to Siem Reap to save me the visa? I would be about 3-4 days in Cambodia and the rest in Vietnam. I think I will fly from Barcelona to Ho Chi Minh, and from there to Siem Rep, explore Angkor and take a flight to Hanoi, and go from North to South to Ho Chi Minh.

I have loved your blog and all the information you provide. It helps a lot to all people who are going to travel to this place. Me and my husband will be traveling between the month of April and May, we are looking forward to it.

Embassy of Vietnam in Spain

Those of you who follow us know that we are addicted to traveling in Asia, and that we have recently traveled to Indonesia, Laos and Malaysia, in addition to having visited China, Japan, Singapore and Thailand, so we were a little expectant about what we would find when traveling in Vietnam.

The normal way to visit Vietnam is to arrive to the country either by its capital, Hanoi, located in the north of the country, or by Ho Chi Minh, the old Saigon, which is in the south, so almost any route through Vietnam will be made from north to south, or vice versa.

To enter Vietnam you need a visa, if you are going to stay more than 15 days. We processed the eVisa, an online visa that is very convenient, fast and the cheapest, so we recommend it, take a look at our article on How to process the e Visa Vietnam.

The Vietnamese government is starting to lift access restrictions from November 2021. In addition, since mid-March, they have announced a relaxation of the measures, even resuming the Visa Waiver if you travel less than 15 days and resuming the processing of electronic visas.

What to do in Vietnam 15 days

A trip to Vietnam is always an unforgettable experience. Besides, you can combine several destinations. Extensions with Cambodia and Laos are more than recommended, since these 2 countries are not usually visited in an exclusive trip.

That is why both Siem Reap in Cambodia and Luang Prabang in Laos are perfect for your trip. Other countries like Thailand or Myanmar have a lot to offer as well. That’s why, depending on the length of your trip, they can also be good options to combine with Vietnam as they are completely different cultures that contrast and complement each other in an incredible way.

Experience the wonder of a fully customized itinerary, we are specialists in tailor-made tours Vietnam, explain to us where you want to go, the type of trip you are looking for and we will take care of the rest.

The international fame that Vietnamese cuisine has earned makes your trip to Vietnam worthwhile. A trip that encompasses all the senses and flavors. Let yourself go and we will show you why Vietnam has one of the best cuisines in the world.

Vaccinations for travel to vietnam

If you are stopping over in Dubai, we recommend a stop over for a couple of days if you can fit it in. We love it. We leave you in the link everything to do there, so that you value it… (in cases like these is when my mother says, “go on, don’t mess around”…)

If you are going to stay a maximum of 30 days, and you are not going to leave and re-enter the country, the electronic visa (eVisa) is the best option. The Vietnamese government has an online platform to complete the eVisa procedures.

We always remember the importance of always traveling with a good international travel insurance, we tell you from experience, we have had to use it on several occasions. It can save you from a lot of trouble, not only in terms of health but also financially. The one we always use is IATI.

Try to make your visit to Hanoi coincide with the weekend, which is when there is more life in the streets and in the lake area. You can find street shows and people dancing everywhere. You will see how cool it is.

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