Can us citizens travel to vietnam right now

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If you are interested in relocating temporarily or permanently from Vietnam to the United States, having an experienced Vietnamese immigration attorney can make all the difference in the outcome of your case.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, and serving immigration clients across the country, Do Law Office works with Vietnamese immigrants to help them obtain the necessary visas to enter the U.S. and meet all requirements to receive the green cards and temporary visas they seek. When you turn to our trusted immigration attorneys, we will provide you with the information and resources you need to take advantage of the many opportunities available to you in the United States.

The immigration attorneys at Do Law Office help you understand the options available for obtaining family-based visas. They help you complete the visa application process once the family member has met all the requirements.

Travel to Vietnam 2022

Traveling from Argentina to the United States is relatively simple, although it is a bit tedious, as you are not eligible for the ESTA permit to enter the North American country. Argentina is not one of those privileged countries that make up the list of territories that can apply for ESTA, which makes traveling for tourism to the country of opportunities much faster and simpler.

Instead, you will have to apply for your visa at the U.S. Embassy in Argentina, specifically B1 or B2 visas, depending on the reason for your trip. If it is for tourism you will need the B2, on the other hand, if it is for business you will need the B1. What you must be clear about is that, once you get your visa for the USA, you are going to make an unforgettable trip, one of those that they say you have to do once in a lifetime. This will make the paperwork and the interview you have to do more bearable.

When it comes to get the B1 and B2 visa for the United States in Argentina you have to follow the corresponding steps. The first is to submit the necessary documents to start the process and the second is to attend a personal interview, where it will be decided if you will be granted the US visa from Argentina.

It is possible to travel to vietnam

This is the traditional and recommended way to obtain a visa and is applicable to all citizens. Normally, when thinking of applying for a visa, people usually look for the address of Vietnam embassy or consulates in the United States. Then they prepare all necessary documents to apply for visa and submit them on the appointment date.

Since January 2017, the Vietnam government has officially launched the e-visa application program. To date, citizens of 80 countries + 2 territories, including US citizens, can apply for e-visa online.

To obtain Vietnam Visa On Arrival, US passport holders must apply to obtain a visa approval letter issued by Vietnam Immigration Department with which you are allowed to pick up the visa upon arrival at Vietnam International Airport.

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Fortunately, more and more countries in Asia are open to travel despite the coronavirus. Vietnam has not lagged behind and, after a partial opening in previous months, decided to open its borders to everyone on March 15, 2022.

Fortunately, the harsh wave of infections caused by the Omicron variant has almost completely subsided in the country. This is causing that the harsh restrictions seen a few months ago are no longer in place.

Something to keep in mind is that, when you leave Vietnam, you will have to wait at least 30 days to be able to enter the country again and get another 15 days of visa extension. In case you want to make several entries or want to stay longer continuously, you have to apply for a visa in advance. This can be done at a Vietnamese embassy or consulate abroad or online, this is known as eVisa.

The eVisa of Vietnam allows you a single entry to the country (if you leave, it is invalidated) and a stay not exceeding 30 consecutive days. The most economical is to process it directly through the official portal and forget about intermediary agencies. It costs 25$ and it takes 3 working days to get it.

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