Best time to travel to vietnam

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Cambodia is located in Southeast Asia, bordering Laos, Thailand, Vietnam and the Gulf of Thailand. Phnom Penh is the capital of Cambodia, located in the south of the country. A trip to Cambodia will bring you cultural treasures as well as beautiful islands and beaches. Here you can combine sightseeing with a beach vacation. Anyone who has thought that the country, because of its past, is an unsuitable destination for a vacation, will find here all the information about the best time to travel to Cambodia. Cambodia’s temperatures are always high and summery, but some months are better than others for a trip. I am going to tell you about the dry season and the rainy season, and you can use the weather chart to see the conditions for each month.

November, December, January and February have ideal temperatures that are not too high. December and January are the coldest months, with temperatures around 26 degrees. As a rule, however, the thermometer can also reach the 30-degree mark in these months. In March, the highest daily values are around 34 degrees. But due to the low humidity, which is less than 50%, Europeans can withstand the high temperatures. From April onwards, it will be very hot and can quickly reach 40 degrees. Despite the low humidity, I advise you to go on vacation in April or May. Those who are not used to high temperatures run the risk of quickly becoming overwhelmed and not enjoying their vacation.

Best time to go to cambodia

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Travel to Vietnam in November

The best time to travel to Vietnam THE WEATHER IN VIETNAMVietnam is located at the eastern end of the Indochinese peninsula. That is to say, between the tropical and subtropical zone. It is characterized by a strong sun and rainy days. The country is submerged in two seasons. One is dry and with low temperatures from November to April, and the other is rather rainy from May to October.

In the north, the cold winter season begins at the end of December and lasts until March. In the central regions of Vietnam, in Hue, Hoi An or Da Nanag for example are more attracted to typhoons and rains, especially in September, October and November.

Best time to travel to cambodia

With a tropical and subtropical climate, maximum temperatures (around 35 degrees Celsius) occur in July. The lowest temperatures (around 18 degrees Celsius) usually occur in January. As for rainfall, the rainy or monsoon season runs from May to August, usually peaking in August.

The best time to travel to Vietnam will depend on the area of the country you want to visit, so it is good to plan your trip in advance. In our article of Tips for traveling to Vietnam we have more recommendations for you to take into account during the organization.

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