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Vietnam is preparing to fully reopen the country to international tourism from next June 2022. After a gradual reopening, with test tourist spots for the return to activity, Vietnam returns to receive visitors after keeping its borders closed since March 2020.

In both the north and south, the rainy seasons correspond to the months of June to September, coinciding with our summer. The relative humidity of the air is around 80%, rising to 90% in the rainy season, which makes the heat seem higher than it should be for the temperature.

Undoubtedly Vietnam, a country that leaves no one indifferent. Its people, the colors of its markets, the variety that we find from north to south, and in general its good infrastructure, make Vietnam meets many of the requirements that a traveler is looking for. The history, the monuments that contrast with the green of its terraces and the simplicity and warmth of its people, makes you fall in love!

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The best time to travel to Vietnam THE WEATHER IN VIETNAMVietnam is located at the eastern end of the Indochinese peninsula. That is to say, between the tropical and subtropical zone. It is characterized by a strong sun and rainy days. The country is submerged in two seasons. One is dry and with low temperatures from November to April, and the other is rather rainy from May to October.

In the north, the cold winter season begins at the end of December and lasts until March. In the central regions of Vietnam, in Hue, Hoi An or Da Nanag for example are more attractive to typhoons and rains, especially in September, October and November.

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With a tropical and subtropical climate, the maximum temperatures (around 35 degrees) occur in the month of July. The lowest temperatures (around 18 degrees) usually occur in January. As for rainfall, the rainy or monsoon season runs from May to August, usually peaking in August.

The best time to travel to Vietnam will depend on the area of the country you want to visit, so it is good to plan your trip in advance. In our article of Tips for traveling to Vietnam we have more recommendations for you to take into account during the organization.

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You may not know when is the best time to travel to Vietnam to have the best weather, well, you should know that there are quite a few different climate zones. In addition, there is typhoon season, winter, and also dry season. All this you should take into account when planning your trip to this wonderful Asian country.

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From May to August, is when temperatures are higher, so if you don’t like to be hot, avoid traveling to Vietnam in August. And if you want to avoid rains and typhoons, don’t travel between October and December. Although these are months with pleasant temperatures, the weather is not stable enough to guarantee you a pleasant trip.

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