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The strength of Vietnamese character can be seen in how the country was able to rebuild and transform itself into one of the most popular tourist spots in Southeast Asia. Flanked by Cambodia and Laos and with Thailand just a short distance away, Vietnam is now a favorite destination among adventurers.

A good place to start is bustling Ho Chi Minh City (the Saigon of the past) in the south. With a population of more than seven million people (and, apparently, twice as many motorcycles), the frenetic pace of life here is exciting, especially for first-time tourists. Moreover, this is where you’ll find the most luxurious hotels, the fanciest restaurants and the tastiest street food in the country. Ho Chi Minh City is also one of the best places to learn about Vietnam’s history. Cultural monuments such as the Reunification Palace and the War Remnants Museum are located here.

Hanoi, to the north, is the country’s capital, a somewhat quieter city. It is a fascinating mix of Chinese and French influences, of which you will see evidence in both the architecture and restaurants. There are many monuments here, such as the famous 11th-century Temple of Literature and the labyrinthine streets of the old quarter,

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In Madrid operates from terminal 4 and allows you to check a piece of 30 kilos of luggage per person and carry in cabin a bag or trolley that does not exceed 7 kg in weight. Except for its super offer fare that only allows 23 kg of checked baggage.

Qatar Airways flies from Madrid and Barcelona to Vietnam, both to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, with a convenient connection time at Qatar airport. On certain days of the week the flight to Hanoi stops briefly in Bangkok, but passengers bound for Vietnam do not have to get off. Its fleet is very modern and comfortable, with plenty of space between seats and excellent in-flight service.

Air France, although it does not have the most modern fleet of aircraft, can be an excellent choice in many cases to fly cheaply to Vietnam. It does so both to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh with a daily frequency from Paris Charles de Gaulle airport. It is therefore a good option to fly from Madrid and Barcelona, via Paris. But above all it is an excellent option to fly from Valencia, Bilbao and Malaga, as it avoids having to go through Madrid and Barcelona.


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Conclusion, I would have to buy it in a search engine. The ones that come up with results for me are Booking (I have never bought flights here, only hotels), Gotogate, MyTrip and Travelfrom (I have never used any of the three).

I was going to tell you to look at the options to fly in and out of BKK; KL or Singapore, and then domestic flights, with Emirates, Qatar or Etihad, also Turkish, see if you can find better prices, and then domestic.

Conclusion, I would have to buy it in a search engine. The ones that come up with results for me are Booking (I have never bought flights here, only hotels), Gotogate, MyTrip and Travelfrom (I have never used any of the three).

This combination is a bit complicated, it can be a bit more expensive but look directly at QATAR Airlines from Hanoi and return from Bangkok, from Siem Reap to Bangkok there are many flights in the day, the search for flights from SR you can check it in Skyscanner and depending on the company that flies buy it directly from the chosen one. Take a good look at the luggage costs scheme. If you need more info at your disposal.

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