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If you are not European, you have the option of traveling with a work visa, but in these cases you need to find a company that will hire you and help you do the paperwork from your country of origin, which is much more complicated.

As for more specialized profiles, job offers also abound for doctors, psychologists, nurses, laboratory assistants, educators and teachers, marketing experts, web developers, software engineers, cloud architects, among others.

It is important to note that you will only receive this amount for full-time jobs. If you are a temporary or part-time worker, the amount may vary. There is also the possibility that you will not get the minimum remuneration if you are in an internship or volunteer program.

Your résumé should be tailored to the job you are seeking. If you are applying as a store clerk, the first thing that should be on your resume is your experience with customer service or sales.

Exchange programs to work in Spain

‘Migration facilitation measures have also been implemented to attract the necessary labor force. This will improve the current situation, filling the vacancies needed to boost the recovery and meet the growing demand from travelers.’

During 2022, when governments began to relax travel restrictions and traveler confidence improved, the sector’s contribution to the economy of EU countries grew by 30.4% and recovered more than 570,000 jobs.

Work in Spain for Colombians 2022

We are talking about a list that contains several occupations, from medium to high qualifications that are generally difficult to fill by national citizens. It includes: professors, doctors, positions within restaurants and hotels, IT and media professionals, etc.

No matter what job you apply for, you will be surrounded by many other candidates from all over the world. And chances are that many of them will have brilliant profiles. That’s why you should try your best to build an amazing resume.

But you can’t let that get to you and stop your momentum. Learn from that experience and try to improve both your resume and your interview performance from any rejections you receive.

For many candidates, personal networks are their primary source of employment. Studies show that over 70% of vacancies are filled because of networking and weak ties between people.

Our advice is to 1) build a good LinkedIn profile (which is what recruiters will use to evaluate you), and 2) check daily for new job openings posted and see if any fit what you are looking for.

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It is a service that I had implemented exclusively for my corporate clients, large IBEX 35 companies in the engineering, sustainable energy, gas and oil sector at a cost of several thousand euros, but now I put at your fingertips for a negligible value.

With the recent modification of the Regulation of the Law on Foreigners at the same time you study, you can work up to 30 hours a week, obtain residence and access to European nationality in record time.

GIFT of temporary accommodation booking management, essential in case you do not travel with an invitation letter.    With this service you will not have to make the disbursement of substantial deposits and deposits that can reach up to 12 months of rent.

FREE DREAM TRAVEL MAKER Diamond Assistance 365 days a year, before booking, during the purchase, during the organization of the trip, on the day of the flight, during the trip and also after the trip. VIP Attention. In many occasions the immigration authorities contact us to validate your information. We are in all time zones to support your travels.

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