When is the best time to travel to spain

Tips for traveling to Spain as a tourist


When you are planning a trip there are many things you have to look at before booking the hotel and, in case you are traveling by plane, the flights. For example, look at which week is more expensive depending on whether it is high or low season and compare airlines to find the best price on the ticket.

As you already know, the cheapest way to buy airline tickets is in low season, among many other tricks, and the same happens when booking accommodation in hotels, apartments, houses or hostels, if it is in high season it will be more expensive than if you book in low season.

That is why from Viajestic we wanted to clarify your doubts and specify which dates are high season and low season. In general, it is considered that the low season is from November 1 to March 31 and high season from April 1 to October 31.

Although, if we specify a little more, there are some hotels and airlines that consider high season from November to April and from June 22 to August. And low season from April to June 22 and the months of September and October.

Low season for travel to spain 2022

The best time to travel to Mexico is from November to April. Some people call the Central American countries “those of eternal spring”. The reason is that there is not an abysmal difference in temperatures between one month and another. However, there is a key factor to take into account: rainfall.

The aforementioned months are considered the best time to travel to Mexico since it is a dry period. On the other hand, the period from July to October is considered the rainy season. We are not talking about a couple of drops and that’s it. We are talking about torrential rains, which, although they do not prevent you from enjoying yourself, make this period less attractive for tourists.

However, we are talking about a country of 1.973 million km², so it would be foolish to assume that in all its municipalities we will find the same weather conditions. Depending on the altitude, it is possible to make certain distinctions.

Many people come to this place in the month of May, because although the dry season is coming to an end, there is still not much rainfall and the cost of flights and accommodation is somewhat cheaper.

Best time to travel to italy

The information shown on this page is based on historical averages and may not reflect current conditions. Check with local authorities for the latest travel recommendations.

On the other hand, nature lovers can admire the cherry trees in the Jerte Valley between mid-March and early May, as well as the grape harvest in La Rioja in September. Spring is also a popular season for religious events, such as the Romería de la Virgen de la Cabeza near Jaén and Semana Santa throughout the Andalusia region.

High season for travel to Spain

However, the most common is the sun and beach traveler; and in this case, the whole summer is the star time for this type of trip. Before, I was speaking in general. If you feel like beaching, summer is the time and you will have many coastal areas to choose from. It’s lucky the places and the weather we have here, so don’t hesitate to come and enjoy our attractions.

There are other more inland climates such as Aragon, Castilla y Leon, Castilla La Mancha, Madrid, Extremadura and non-coastal areas of Andalucia that are very hot in summer. It is best to travel there in between seasons.

However, there are more and more people who precisely want mild temperatures where they can enjoy good weather, but not too much. That is why the areas of the Aragonese or Catalan Pyrenees are a summer choice for more and more people.

It is an ideal time to see places like the Irati Forest in Navarra or the Muniellos forest in Asturias; the area of Sierra de Gredos in Avila; continue enjoying coastal areas such as Cabo de Gata; or visit the main wine regions of the country, since it is harvest time.

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