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To relax for a while, perhaps one of the best places is the Plaza de la Reina as it has many terraces where you can sit in the sun and also the square has a special charm. Around it, there is a market of various products that is established on Sundays.

In addition to all this, Valencia is fortunate to be a coastal city. Beaches such as Las Arenas or La Malvarrosa have an excellent network that communicates them with the city. La Malvarrosa has a long promenade full of restaurants and recreational areas. On the other hand, the Saler is a protected area so it preserves its dunes and vegetation. It looks almost like a virgin beach.

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Day 2: The Cathedral of Valencia is possibly one of the most representative buildings of the city. Built between the thirteenth and eighteenth centuries, it is full of elements and decorations of different styles, and has an interior that is sure to dazzle you.

Being located on the shores of the Mediterranean, Valencia has an enviable climate. So really, any time is a good time to visit. Although doing it in August can be a more than recommendable option.

Its beaches will be available for a good dip if the heat urges us, or if we just want to enjoy the sun and a day of relaxation. In addition, in August you will be able to coincide with the famous Moors and Christians festivities in some towns near Valencia. As for example Onteniente, where one of the oldest and declared of National Tourist Interest is celebrated. They celebrate the reconquest of the city by the Christian troops in the 13th century.

Valencia has 1 airport(s). The main airport is Valencia and operates flights to national and international destinations to 277 cities. Some of the most popular destinations are Palma de Mallorca, Ibiza and Paris.

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Undoubtedly, the best month to visit Valencia is March. During this month the weather is good enough and, in addition, its biggest festival takes place: the Fallas. If you want to experience them at their peak, it is best to come between March 15 and 19, the most intense days.

At this time also takes place an important festival of the city: the 9 d’Octubre, day of Valencian lovers and date on which different activities are organized in the street, such as a floral offering or a great entrance of Moors and Christians. Similarly, at the end of November – beginning of December, the Valencia Marathon is held, a day when the city enjoys a great atmosphere.

Although during the winter there are fewer events, Valencia has so much heritage that you can spend several days here visiting its various monuments and museums. In this article I tell you about the places that are free: 10 places in Valencia that you can visit for free.

During the central summer months, July and August, the heat can become quite strong and overwhelming in the city. Also, as I told you, in Valencia there is quite a lot of humidity, which makes the kind of heat that makes you sweat all the time.

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