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Work in Spain for Colombians


Admitted to proceeding, the competent authority will proceed to the instruction of the procedure and to its immediate processing, and will request ex officio the report in this respect of the State Agency of the Tributary Administration, of the General Treasury of the Social Security, of the competent Services of the General Direction of the Police and the Civil Guard and of the Central Registry of Convicts and Rebels. These reports must be issued within ten days, and whenever possible by telematic means.

Likewise, when the application is admitted for processing, the corresponding work and residence fees will accrue, which must be paid in the voluntary period, within the ten working days following the date of admission for processing of the application.

Once the payment has been made, the collaborating Entity will deliver to the taxpayer and, if applicable, will also send to the foreign employee who does not have such status, a copy of the official tax payment form on which a “Paid” note is made, which will serve as proof of payment, and which must be sent to the competent administrative body for the processing of the procedure, within fifteen days from the date on which the payment is made.

Jobs in spain for foreigners 2022

However, what you can do is to visit the country during the 90 days of your stay as a tourist, and take advantage of these 3 months to look for a job and find a company willing to hire you.

That is, in cases where the marriage or civil union is already registered in another country, you will simply have to present the marriage certificate and make the application for residence (It is important that, for the certificate to be valid, it must have been issued in any country of the European Union).

You can find all the requirements for this visa in our complete guide, but for now it is essential to understand that the investor visa is granted to foreigners who invest a minimum of 500,000 euros in real estate located in the country (worth, for example, two properties totaling more than that amount).

Emigrating to spain from colombia

This means that you, as a foreigner willing to start your new life in the country, will have no difficulty integrating. The country is populated with people from all over the world. Therefore, every difference is completely welcome and normal.

We will guide you through the main considerations that will allow you to easily navigate the immigration process. In that sense, many soon-to-be expatriates are completely lost. They don’t know where to start and don’t know what they need to do to successfully obtain their residence permit.

The process of getting a work permit is completely different from that of a non-profit visa. That is why the first step is to see, according to your situation and your plans in the country, which visa best suits your situation.

In this sense, there is a first question that you must answer first of all: Are you from Europe or from a non-EU country? Because, in one case, you will have it very easy; while, in the opposite case, the procedure may be a little more complicated.

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If you intend to work as an employee (hired by an employer), the employer must apply for an initial authorization of temporary residence and work as an employee at the Office of Foreigners corresponding to the province where you have your domicile or where the work activity is going to be carried out, which can be as a domestic employee or in a company.

-The conditions established in the employment contract must be adjusted to those established by the current regulations. If the contract is part-time, the remuneration must be equal to or higher than the minimum interprofessional wage for a full day and in annual computation. For 2018 the SMI is €735.90.

-The applicant employer must be registered in the Social Security system and be up to date with its tax and Social Security obligations.

-The employer must have sufficient economic, material or personal means for its business project and to meet the obligations assumed in the contract with the worker or in the case of domestic employees have a proven economic solvency, income tax return with an annual balance of approximately 40 thousand euros, payroll, etc.

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