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One week in ITALY – What do I need to travel? PART 1


Both countries are members of the European Union and you do not need a passport or visa to travel between them. However, you have to bring a document that proves your identity, the identity card or homologous document in Italy, or a passport is also valid.

Apart from the unpleasantness of the matter, as a curiosity look at the conditions of the airline. The airline can check the validity of the passport, but not of the visa. That is a matter for the police, can you tell us which airline it is? Obviously it is not advisable to sue them, given your situation.

From ITALY to SPAIN by BOAT How is it like to TRAVEL in

The Italian Ministry of Health issued an order last June 18 establishing a series of measures to be able to travel to the country. These will remain in force throughout the month of July. Thus, the measures are as follows:

In Italy, movements are restricted from 0.00 to 05.00, except in those regions that are considered as white or yellow . The rest of the colors that classify the regions are orange and red. These are revised periodically by the authorities, so it is best to consult them before the trip.

On the other hand, there is an obligation to wear a mask, both indoors and outdoors, in general. There are no confinements within the regions, but there are limitations on the capacity of restaurants and bars. In addition, many establishments require prior reservation.

TRAVEL to EUROPE through SPAIN. Requirements

What we do know for sure is that traveling to Italy on your own means a before and after in the travel experiences of any foreigner who chooses this corner of the world. We do not know a single person who has not loved it. We came back completely in love with its people, its food and its cities. Shall we start?

We recommend the car option, only if you are going to make a route through nearby countries such as Croatia or France. Keep in mind that parking in cities like Milan, Florence or Venice can cost you a lot of money, since the downtown area is restricted to vehicles or is payable.

The big question you will ask yourself when organizing a trip to Italy. As always, it will depend on the days you have available and what you want to see, but we believe that 7/8 days is the minimum you need to enjoy this Mediterranean country.

To travel around Italy we recommend using the train, it is the best option. The stations are located in the center of the cities, besides being a comfortable and inexpensive transport. Calculate that a trip between Milan and Venice has a price of about 20 euros in modern high-speed trains. Check prices and availability on the Trenitalia website.

Spain joins France, Germany and Italy in banning travel

Lecce has an unmistakable style. With its monuments, which date back to Roman times and, above all, the extraordinary 17th century buildings with the characteristic color of its local stone that tends to blond. The atmosphere is lively and sparkling. During the day, you can spend hours in the sun on its beaches, which are just a few kilometers from the city. At night, the old town will welcome you with its elegant and timeless narrow streets and, of course, its delicious restaurants.

It was the cradle of the Renaissance and the world capital of art in the 15th century. It has one of the most important historical centers and some of the most famous museums in the world. Surrounding it is one of the most emblematic and characteristic landscapes on the planet. Everything in Florence is spectacular: from the stores to the streets that lead to the hills immediately behind the most touristic areas; from the most genuine and popular neighborhoods, which emerge just outside the historic center, to the monuments that express its soul.

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