Travel essentials for spain

What to take on a trip to Europe


Now it’s time to pack your suitcase! The one that for some people is a drag, but for us it puts us into action, because it is already part of the trip. If you are one of the first or if you have doubts about what to pack and what not to pack, we tell you what to pack in your suitcase to travel to Mexico. The essentials you can’t forget.

Travel insurance always first of all. A must. Gastroenteritis and traveler’s diarrhea in Mexico are very common and even if you carry a first aid kit, it is always better to be seen by a doctor.

We tell you from experience, we have used it several times, and the peace of mind that comes from not having to look for your life if something happens, that a doctor will come to your hotel or tell you the nearest clinic and even that you don’t have to worry about the medicines. As my grandmother used to say (she knew a lot about remember phrases) “it is not paid with money”.

And since there are a lot of them, if you don’t know which one to choose, we recommend IATI, which from experience we know works phenomenally well. From a knock in Cuba, to medical tests in the United States and various gastroenteritis in Latin America. We have had to use the travel insurance a lot of times and always the response has been outstanding. In addition with a 5% DISCOUNT.

Things you need to travel abroad

Free movement means that goods move without restrictions within the customs territory of the European Union, without paying import duties and without trade barriers or customs requirements.

At Immigration, officials register the new immigrant’s official entry into the country. The newcomer must have on hand and present the following documents (for each family member):

An officer will review the customs declaration in detail. If there are prohibited items on the list, they may be exportable to the country of origin. If the item has not been declared, there is a risk of a fine.

Some seemingly harmless products can be dangerous on board an airplane, and even more so if they are included in the baggage. During the flight, variations in temperature and pressure, and the movement of the aircraft itself, can cause some items to leak or burn.

List of things needed for a trip

T-shirtsGenerally, if you’re going away for a weekend, 3 T-shirts are enough! The easiest thing to do is to choose the 3 that you like the most and wear one every day. You can even choose the whole outfit and you’re all set, so if you’re going out for a night out, adventure plans and/or excursions… count on it and take a couple of extra T-shirts for the occasion!

PantsFor 2-3 days, a pair of pants is more than enough. Although, if you are going on excursions we recommend you to take one more for the occasion, even an elastic one for more comfort.

Jacket, sweater, sweatshirt… Important! Even if you are going to a hot beach place, you never know if you will need them. So, before getting cold, you’d better take something to keep warm! As for the amount, it depends on the place and the weather, but generally, a sweater or jacket and a sweatshirt should be more than enough.

PajamasWe are sure that almost 90% of you reading this have forgotten your pajamas at some point… But, don’t worry! This time and from now on with our basic packing list, it won’t happen again! The pajamas also depend on the weather or how cold or hot you are, that’s up to each person’s taste.

Requirements for travel to spain 2022

You should also keep in mind, what kind of activities you might do during your trip so that you prepare the appropriate clothing, whether you are going hiking, diving, partying, skiing or sightseeing in the city, you will need the appropriate clothing.

Don’t forget the necessary batteries, cables and chargers for your phone, tablet and laptop. Plug adapters are vital if you are traveling to a country that has different electrical outlets than your home country.

For example, if you are traveling to the United States, you must take into account the rules of TSA (Transportation Security Administration) which has policies about transporting liquids at airports in that country.

There I put my passport, ID card, credit cards, travel insurance, family book where my Astrid Sofia appears, foreign currency bills if I travel outside the country and even a pen. Because I always have to fill out forms at the airports and I “have to” do it for my whole family when we travel together.

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