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Once the cheapest ones are sold out, fares usually increase and often prices are defined by tiers, meaning that the next tier tickets are released for sale once the lower priced ones are sold out.

Do you have a question that is not listed in the FAQ? Our customer service team will be happy to help you. Contact us at our customer service.Before you travel

At the bus station you will find electronic boards with information on all departures, showing live bus schedules and terminal information. Changes to bus schedules, such as delays and platform changes will be displayed on the departure boards and will also be announced, usually via megaphones.


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Alsa has a fleet of different buses with their own characteristics: Normal, Eurobus, Supra Economy, Supra+ and Premium. It is important to assess what each one offers. We explain, if you want to travel cheaply, it is best to buy the Normal service, where you will find single tickets; but if you are away from home and you have to eat, you may be interested in traveling in Supra+ or Premium, as they offer catering service and so you will save to eat in a restaurant.

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If the passenger carries luggage, it will be placed in the appropriate place and never in the aisle. The loading and unloading of luggage will be done on the safest side, which is always the side of the door down. However, if it has to be placed or picked up on the opposite side, it shall be done with great caution to avoid being run over by vehicles circulating on the roadway and never deposit it on the roadway.

If the driver, after the accident, is unconscious and cannot give the appropriate orders for the evacuation, we will do it without his instructions but following the previous indications. Nevertheless we have to do some operations that would correspond to him as for example: to press the button of emergency opening of the doors, to press the central control of emergency that turns off the engine or if it is necessary, to put the hand brake. Try not to panic by trying to reassure the most nervous passengers. Thinking reduces panic, so let’s think about the steps to follow.

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Can I travel, move or move around during the confinement of my city, town, region or autonomous community? YES. During a confinement, curfew or state of alarm you are allowed to move and travel always in accordance with the applicable regulations at all times:

You can write to us through the following form. Please note that all inquiries we receive are handled in a human and personalized way, and due to the large number of them, the time to process them may be longer than normal.

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