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The historic center, perfectly delimited by the gorge formed by the Tagus River and by the walls, is the geographical space that contains most of the monuments and remarkable sectors, from the historical and architectural point of view. All styles coexist: Arabic, Mudejar, Gothic and Renaissance. The accumulation of artistic jewels from different centuries is its most pronounced characteristic, forming a picturesque ensemble of rare perfection:

Among all the artistic jewels in Toledo, El Alcázar, the Church and Monastery of San Juan de los Reyes, the Synagogue of El Tránsito, the Church of Santo Tomé, the Hospital de la Santa Cruz, San Román, The Cathedral, Santa María la Blanca, the Casa del Greco, the Hospital Tavera and all its bridges and gates are a must.What to do:

Toledo will drag you to walks of cloak and sword, of candles at night, of ventas and tascas, of legends and fables, of dungeons and catacombs, of loves and misfortunes, of duels and battles, of foundries and swordsmiths, of lookouts and balconies, of souks and bazaars, of walls and battlements….

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A route through the westernmost region of the province uncovers countless memories of medieval times in the streets of Oropesa and El Puente del Arzobispo. The abandoned city of Vascos is the final surprise of the route.

Routes, concerts, conferences and a major exhibition on this king who marked the intellectual development of Europe fill the agenda of the capital of Toledo and other cities such as Murcia, Madrid and Seville.

After the Mint and the Centro Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, now it is these giants of the plains of La Mancha that have caught our attention in the fourth season of the successful series. For a moment, it seemed like Cervantes’ novel in a modern version.

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The monumental wealth of this town of Toledo can be seen in the churches of San Bernardo and La Asunción, the convent of La Misericordia and the Palacio Condal. But above all this place is recognized by its castle. With a rectangular floor plan, it preserves intact its two circular towers at the corners. The castle of Oropesa is the result of the union of two castles. On the one hand the old castle, an Arab fortress only partially preserved from the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, and on the other hand the new castle of the fifteenth century. Today it houses a Parador hotel next to the Palacio Condal.

Its windmills, in perfect state of preservation, offer a singular stamp of this La Mancha town, as well as its squares, churches and hermitages that you can discover in a stroll through the town. It is inevitable in Consuegra the ascent to the hill Calderico to contemplate the silhouette of the twelve mills that end in the castle of medieval origin. The Castillo de la Muela is formed by three defensive enclosures. You can walk its walls and access its interior to recreate past times with the furniture and weapons of the time.

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Beyond visiting its historical monuments, the best thing to do in Toledo is simply to get lost in its medieval streets among palaces, synagogues, churches and mosques. In addition to having a great historical heritage, the city is very photogenic thanks to its position on a hill embraced by a meander of the Tagus River. The views from the Mirador del Valle, especially at sunset, are unforgettable. If you like adrenaline experiences, you can also jump on the longest urban zip line in Europe from the San Martin Bridge. Toledo is also easily accessible from Madrid and there are several organized tours that allow you to get to know the city in a comfortable excursion. The most popular tours are this half-day Toledo excursion from Madrid, the full-day Toledo excursion and this excursion to Toledo and Segovia.

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