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End of year excursions and trips for studentsAre you looking for excursions or end of year trips for students? Whether you are looking for options for primary, secondary, high school or university trips, we are the right choice for you. Don’t hesitate and CONTACT US NOW! Contact us!ConsultMaximum PriceGet a Discount of 2.000€ with your end of year tripPARTICIPATE IN THE DRAWING

We are specialists in end of course trips and excursions for students. With our extensive experience managing school trips you will have an extra peace of mind when presenting these trips to students.

Trips for student groups

Students must carry a series of documents that vary depending on the destination to which they are traveling. They will also be different if the travelers are minors or adults. There are also ID cards that make the visits more comfortable wherever we travel. What documents should be taken on a student trip?

The passport is the key documentation for traveling outside Europe. In these territories there is no ID card that is valid. It is necessary to present it with a minimum expiration date of six months. It is issued at police stations. In case of theft or subtraction in the embassy they can provide it to you, I leave you an article in which the functions of the embassies are explained when we travel abroad.

In the case of the DNI it takes a long time to make an appointment, however both DNI and Passport can be requested urgently in person at the office, I leave you a link that explains it. In the case of Passport it is simpler since in the airports there are police stations enabled for it where they make the management at the moment. Paying, of course, the 25.50 management of the same.

Study tours 2022

These Mini Stays are the perfect way to make the most of student trips and give students their first real contact with the language without sacrificing fun but also learning.

If you want to take your study trip group to a quiet place where they can get to know the authentic traditional English life and where they can also have a work experience, Bury St Edmunds is your destination. It is a beautiful traditional town in the county of Suffolk, which with its 40.000 inhabitants offers a French Courses for Groups

Travel for university students

All our travel destinations are planned for groups of students in order to ensure an end-of-year trip with a didactic and pedagogical training in the course of the activities, both cultural and personal for all students.

To take you to your end-of-year trip, we work with a variety of means of transport, both airplanes and boats and buses, always complying with the current regulations on safety conditions in relation to school transport and minors RD 443/2001 and R.D. 561/2006.

Our end of course trips provide both cultural and personal enrichment to students, promoting coexistence among the group and enhancing their attitudes and social skills.

We understand this as a fundamental part of our service, both in the services provided to the centers and in our own internal relations. Therefore, the management and procedures are oriented to the continuous improvement of our services and to the fulfillment of the requirements demanded, being the satisfaction of our clients, our final goal.

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