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With all this information it’s time to take advantage of the low season to treat yourself and book your getaway. From El Comprador de La Vanguardia we help you with your luggage with this selection of items with great discounts.

If we travel in January to a country that is further north than ours we will surely have to go sightseeing with temperatures bordering or dropping below zero degrees. To be able to do it comfortably it is essential to have warm feet. For this we must get some thermal socks like these from Heat Holders.

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Santander has a lot to see among historical buildings, museums and art centers. In addition, its surroundings are wonderful: Santillana, the prehistoric caves, the Cabárceno park, and Comillas.

Another fundamental advantage of cheap domestic flights is that, at the best price, you can travel from the capitals to the islands: the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands. Traveling from Madrid or Barcelona to the islands in one hour and, in addition, at a cheap price, is something that you can not get if you travel by other means of transport. Also, on a domestic flight you will be able to save a lot of inconveniences that a trip entails, such as baggage management, route limitations, security, etc.

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“Foreigners requesting entry, in order to justify the plausibility of the reason invoked (professional, tourist or private character…) may present any document or means of proof that justifies the reasons for entry… In all cases, a return ticket or tourist circuit ticket”.

In addition, in another section of the same official link: “To return to the country of origin or to move in transit to third countries, it must be accredited to have the nominative, non-transferable and closed ticket or tickets, in the means of transport they intend to use”.

If the entry to your destination is denied by the immigration authorities because you do not have the return ticket to your country or other requirements, the airline is OBLIGATED to take you back.

Therefore, the airline is the first control that you must pass and that will require verifying at origin, that you have a return ticket issued, among other documents that can prove the reason for your trip for tourism.

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Do you feel the heat? Do you feel like going to the beach? With Renfe you have it easy. If you get on the train at Madrid-Atocha station you will be seeing the Mediterranean Sea in Valencia in 1h 49 min, or enjoying a good fish in Malaga in 2h 33min.

The Madrid-Barcelona train connects Atocha and Sants stations in the blink of an eye. Thanks to the AVE, traveling by train between the two cities has become the preferred form of transportation for many.Córdoba-SevillaTravel time: 44min.

Very close to the Paseo del Prado are the Puerta de Atocha train station and the Retiro Park, the lungs of the capital. Inaugurated in 1868, it has several neoclassical buildings and a pond where you can rent rowboats.

The old Jewish quarter and now the most emblematic district of the city, Santa Justa, is easy to reach on foot from the Santa train station. Through its narrow, winding streets, one reaches the famous Giralda, the bell tower of the Cathedral of Santa Maria de la Sede and icon of the city. The Alcazares, mentioned above, are made up of gardens and walled palaces that mix various architectural styles – Gothic, Mudejar, Renaissance and Baroque.

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