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With this mini-guide you will find it easier to identify the 26 most important tourist sites in Barcelona, which you should not miss. You will find practical information about the places in question, such as visiting hours, addresses and contact information, as well as a contextualization of the essential information. The foldable and laminated format of the guide will allow you to carry it in your pocket during your visit to the city, without disturbing or wasting it.

Scope of the map: Aragonese Pyrenees and Pre-Pyrenees. Central Sobrarbe. Features: 2 topographic maps at a scale of 1:40.000 with information of interest for hikers and mountain bikers: cycling paths, trails, trails and routes.

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A guide, that more than a guide to New York… we could define it as an “express manual” where I have tried to condense what you really need for your trip, without detours, without clutter and above all, completely to the point!

When I imagined what could be the best guide to New York, it was clear to me that it had to meet the requirement I mentioned above of being 100% to the point. A guide that would not require me to stop for 2 hours in the middle of 5th Avenue to look for an address, a restaurant or an excursion. That’s why this guide has 40 pages that I have divided in the following 7 blocks that I’m ready to give you:

IMPORTANT: If you try to download the guide from your mobile and the 3 platforms above give you problems or you get stuck looking for the “download” button, try to do it from your computer or laptop at home.

So easy? I told you! There is no mystery. Now, as I said above, you have several options. First, simply take it with you on your mobile, without printing. You leave it on your mobile and pass it among your colleagues or family members who are going on the trip, and that’s it! If you do this, as you will see, you can click on the QR codes and they will open the links to the guide without any problem.

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Find on the map of Andorra all the services, tourist attractions, monuments, peaks, lakes, natural parks and roads of Andorra. Everything you need to explore our country at your own pace you will find it in the map of Andorra.

When you want to go sightseeing in Andorra, with this guide you will know at a glance all the proposals for activities in the country. Taste our gastronomy, discover nature and our GR routes, get to know our extensive culture and relax in the great wellness centers. A whole range of activities to enjoy your vacations in Andorra.

Staying in Andorra is to feel at home. The Andorra accommodation guide brings you closer to more than 200 hotel establishments, where you can discover the country with all your senses. Relax and rest in the hotel of your choice after a day of sightseeing in Andorra.

Delight yourself with Andorran gastronomy, a cuisine that over time has received and assimilated the influences of both French and Catalan cuisine. Andorran cuisine has always been closely linked to our local products.

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Maybe you’ve been browsing the web and you have a clear idea of what you want to do during your stay in the Kingdom. Or, on the contrary, you’re more into downloadable guides and you’ve seen the sky open up here.

In any case, what follows is an extensive collection of guides to Navarre, ranging from the classic -but so functional- maps and plans to route guides, nature activities, gastronomy, MICE, health… And of course, the Camino de Santiago.

We have tried to condense everything Navarre has to offer in a single brochure, with sections on everything you can’t miss during your trip: natural landscapes, the Way of St. James, Pamplona and its region, medieval villages, its historical heritage and gastronomy. Click and it’s all yours!

If on your travels you need to walk in nature and get some fresh air, in Navarra you can do it while enjoying incredible and varied landscapes. You will see how the north and the south have very little to do with each other.

If you are looking for different routes because you already know Navarra and you want to rediscover it from other points of view, here are some proposals for cultural, historical, legendary and, of course, gastronomic routes.

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