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“You have to explore the unexplored”. Travel has always been one of the great passions of mankind. From commercial trips to the disconnection and leisure trips we know today, to those study trips made by young intellectuals. People have always had the desire to get to know new cultures, to go on expeditions, to venture to discover other countries.

Nowadays we want to continue feeding our soul with new adventures, but we lead a frenetic life that does not leave us time to prepare the trip, we rely more on professionals, we look for specific adventures or we simply do not like to organize on our own the next trip we have in mind.

More and more travel agencies are specializing, especially by sector. There are tailor-made travel agencies, experts in specific destinations, travel agencies for groups, luxury travel agencies, adventurous travel agencies, more traditional travel agencies, sustainable tourism agencies… there are all kinds!

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The best: whatever destination you have in mind for your honeymoon, Nautalia’s professionals can make your trip a reality. They offer you a wide variety of destinations such as the sunsets of the African savannah, the paradisiacal beaches of the Caribbean, the landscapes in the heart of South America… An infinite number of options for you to start your new stage.

The most important thing: Viajes Carrefour is aware that a honeymoon is the most special trip for a couple. All the staff is trained to offer the best advice and offers regardless of the destination chosen to make each Honeymoon the unforgettable trip it should be.

Specialized in travel: all Viajes Carrefour staff receive constant training on all destinations, paying special attention to travelers’ trends, who are increasingly demanding more exotic destinations such as Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe or Panama.

The most: the team of Xavi Fernandez Viajes is aware of the importance that the honeymoon will have in the life of a couple, for all that it implies. For that reason, they will make sure that the trip is perfect. They will propose you a list of destinations, ideal for your honeymoon.  In addition, they will soon have a new website that will include a wedding list service.

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Although intuitively it is easy to differentiate between the concepts of AVT and AVO, in practice it is difficult to separate them, since in many cases agencies carry out part of their intermediation work combining both activities. It might be more accurate to use concepts such as: the degree of independence of users in the purchasing process; the alternative offered to clients to make reservations independently (without the intervention of an agent); the degree of development of the web pages (in the case of having one) or the channel chosen to develop their investment in media. In this article, following the differentiation already applied by Sellers and More (2009), the term AVO is used to refer to the agency that allows B2C activities through its website, and AVT for the rest.

In addition, agencies, by offering different types of products, discriminate on the degree of self-booking allowed in each case. It is therefore common for the websites of certain agencies to offer the possibility of independently booking airline tickets, rental cars or accommodations through automatic search engines (so-called consolidators). All of these bookings can be started and completed online. However, when the packages are more complex, the agency offers the advice of its staff either in person, by telephone or by e-mail, in many cases having to fill in a form to contact an agent.

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Educativos28 abril, 2021Anímate a conocer el patrimonio cultural que envuelve a las ciudades centroeuropeas. Para amantes de la arquitectura gótica, pero también para curiosos y aficionados a las cosas bonitas.

Educativos28 abril, 2021Anímate a conocer el patrimonio cultural que envuelve a las ciudades centroeuropeas. Para amantes de la arquitectura gótica, pero también para curiosos y aficionados a las cosas bonitas.

Religiosos5 marzo, 2021Vive y experimenta en los mismos lugares, el proceso espiritual que sintió San Ignacio de Loyola y realiza las mismas etapas de viaje que hizo el fundador de la orden de los jesuitas

¡Feliz 2020!    Quería agradecerles su ayuda con el programa de música en Viena este enero.    Me reuní con el director de la facultad a principios de esta semana y me dijo que todo fue genial.    Aparte del pequeño problema con la sala de reuniones/proyector (que se resolvió rápidamente), todo fue muy bien y el director de la facultad estaba muy contento.    Todavía está decidiendo si ofrecerá el programa de nuevo en enero de 2021 o esperará hasta el año siguiente, pero estaremos en contacto si decidimos ofrecerlo de nuevo el próximo año.

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