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Something as simple as being able to concentrate the entire travel cycle from a city’s tourism portal. Going a step further and not only inspiring but also allowing to book and confirm activities is essential. Not only because it facilitates the traveler’s user-experience, but also because it collects data and information of interest to the management body. A smart city must obtain data, know how to organize it and study it in order to make decisions.

How can we know that all the fairs where my destination is present are really working? How can I know that all the investment in promotion is on the right track? In order to continue evolving and offering new experiences and new tourism products, it is necessary to know what the traveler is demanding today.

In fact, last June during the celebration of the Forum on Urban Intelligence and Sustainability Greencities, it was announced that a new Smart Territories strategy would be launched, continuing with the current National Smart Cities Plan.

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This program will work hands-on with participants to help them learn how to create a powerful and differentiated customer experience that will help generate revenue, loyalty and engagement.

This program will address “data driven marketing” from a strategic point of view, guiding participants to develop a solid perspective on today’s marketing transformation.

TecnoHotel Forum is a professional event between hoteliers and technology companies where knowledge, experiences, strategies, technologies and solutions will be shared to optimize the management, marketing and profitability of hotel establishments.


Tourist intelligence” has also been successfully applied to destinations, popularizing the term ‘smart destination’. One of the cities with an applauded development in this sense is Palma de Mallorca. Fernando Vidal, from the Smart Office of the Mallorcan City Council, says that for his city, being a smart destination “was simply a necessity” which, of course, goes beyond offering free wifi. Being an island entails certain limits to growth, which must be sustainable, and we must work hand in hand with hoteliers and tourism service providers if we want to offer the quality demanded by the type of tourist that will ensure sustainable growth.

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It is clear that the pandemic has left a new reality in the tourism sector and our company has also been affected in its business model. We have had to adapt very quickly to this remote work model.

At Fitur 2021 we have presented the first management software that supports all those destinations that want to become a Smart Tourism Destination. The digital solution is called Ciclops DTI and is already successfully implemented in Benidorm and the Ciclops multidestination version is already being implemented in more than 12 municipalities, which allows to have a networked multidestination tourism intelligence system, since it is possible to compare at all times the values and progress as DTI’s of these canary municipalities, in this case, belonging to the Association of Tourist Municipalities of the Canary Islands.

Change from an analog business mentality to a digital business model and, of course, form a team of women committed to accept this new reality, where everything is uncertain and volatile. Digitalization is already here, and it has forced us all to acquire new competencies and skills to respond in real time to new customer demands.

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