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In 1401 Vitautas, Jogaila’s cousin, proclaimed himself Grand Duke of Lithuania and the union of the two countries was dissolved. Thanks to the cooperation of the two countries, the Lithuanian and Polish armies defeated the Teutonic Order at the Battle of Grunwald in 1410. It was the largest battle on European soil fought in the entire 15th century.

Currently, like its neighbors Latvia and Estonia, Lithuania is in negotiations to join the Nordic Council and NORDEFCO (Nordic Defence Cooperation), a NATO-like organization whose mission is military cooperation among the Nordic countries. Also, it is worth mentioning that both Lithuania and Latvia are in negotiations to become full members of the OECD by 2018 at the latest, an organization to which Estonia has already belonged since 2010.

In the field of human rights, regarding membership in the seven bodies of the International Bill of Human Rights, which include the Human Rights Committee (HRC), Lithuania has signed or ratified:

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The new observations allowed astronomers to establish for the first time a timeline for what is known as the era of reionization [2]. During this phase, the fog of hydrogen gas in the early Universe was clearing, allowing ultraviolet light to pass through unobstructed for the first time.

“Archaeologists can reconstruct a chronology of the past from artifacts they find in different layers of the ground. Astronomers can do something better: we can look directly into the remote past and observe the faint light of galaxies at different stages of cosmic evolution,” explains Adriano Fontana of INAF Astronomical Observatory in Rome, who led this project. “The differences between galaxies tell us about the changing conditions in the Universe at this important period, and how quickly these changes were occurring.”

Different chemical elements glow in characteristic colors. These signs in the glow are known as emission lines. One of the strongest ultraviolet emission lines is the Lyman-alpha line, which comes from hydrogen gas [3]. It is bright and recognizable enough to be seen even in observations of very faint and distant galaxies.

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Viaje al surbyJuan Marsé|SpanishAugust 27, 2020|free preview$13.99Kobo ebookbuy ebookAvailable for downloadplum PLUSMembers enjoy free shipping and save 10% on almost everything. Learn more about plum PLUS.Loadingebook previewaboutMARSÉ INÉDITO

“Marsé puts at the service of his writing not only his political conscience, his anger and rage at what he sees, but also his carnality, his desire for fun and his congenital and essential sympathy – as well as his compassion – for the ramshackle humanity he contemplates.”

“In the lap of his readers the wound of loss will heal somewhat. A beautiful unpublished work that, without being just a travel book, a political denunciation and a photo-report, is all three at once.”

“Chronicle of an unbuttoned country, where humor tries to palliate the uneasiness of tavern drinkers and teenagers who are fascinated by the Marines of Rota. It seems unbelievable that it all happened the day before yesterday.”

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1. Tigre Delta Premium Small-Group Tour desde Buenos Aires En esta divertida excursión de medio día por Tigre y Buenos Aires, embárquese en una aventura que ofrece el equilibrio perfecto entre naturaleza e historia. Disfrute de las vistas en un paseo en barco, compre productos locales en un mercado y visite la Catedral de San Isidro.

Después de la recogida en el hotel, súbase a un crucero por el río más ancho del mundo mientras obtiene unas vistas espectaculares del perfil de Buenos Aires desde las aguas del Río de la Plata. Después de una hora en el río, llegue al Delta del Río Paraná, un lugar que realmente parece una tierra de fantasía.

Disfrute de un paisaje majestuoso, muy diferente a todo lo que ha visto antes, mientras aprende todo sobre los lugareños que viven a lo largo de los tranquilos canales con barcos como único medio de transporte.

A la hora del almuerzo, el barco le dejará en Tigre, una importante ciudad del extrarradio de Buenos Aires. Disfrute de un auténtico tentempié que incluye empanadas y bebidas en un local histórico que pertenece al Club de Remo Italiano de la ciudad de Tigre.

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