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You will sail privately through the almost ethereal Balearic waters that invite you to relaxation, sophistication and festive atmosphere and you can enjoy the first toast at sunset from the Pirate’s Tower.

You will enjoy among others the most picturesque Romanesque in corners of Peratallada, Toledo, Pedraza or Pals stones that will tell you wonderful stories stained with flowers and colorful flags. You will become the painter who puts life and movement in their path.

You will become the patient pilgrim who longs to embrace Santiago de Compostela and you will stay in peculiar pilgrims’ houses that transmit the hospitality and simplicity of this land and its people.

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We combine the ideal rest with active tourism, luxury travel in the most incredible hotels or in the most spectacular camps in Africa. It is your tastes and preferences that we value and it is our experience as a luxury travel agency that we bring to make all your trips “the best trip of my life”.

In Team 3 Travel we work with all types of suppliers, the best hotels and rates, with special emphasis on facilitating, in a very personal way, the client’s specifications. We confirm rooms, informing about the different possibilities of the trip (views, categories, etc.), and, depending on the wishes of our clients, we deliver all the practical information of the city or country to be visited.

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Share with us your needs and we will build one of our select experiences just for you. Looking for a new excursion to include in your itineraries? A new port, a new city, a new concept?

“From here our work begins. Experiences must have a reason, a story, a meaning and above all a ‘WOW’! It’s time to imagine, research, travel, get to know and find the perfect fit.”

The reason is found in the city’s own history, as it reached its apogee in Roman times and it was precisely this civilization that laid the foundations in the regions that would later become world-renowned wine producers. It was also at this time that Iberian ham (one of the country’s star products) reached the category of delicacy, so we already had the outline: a wine tasting of wines from the region with an expert sommelier and a ham tasting with a master slicer, we still lacked the place and the “wow”. Visiting the city we discovered some ruins that contained a space where banquets were held at that time, that is, where the Romans drank wine and tasted Iberian ham. Perfect! We needed to get that place exclusively for our client’s travelers. “Finally, it only remains to see how expectations were exceeded, enjoy the sensations and feedback from travelers and take great care to maintain the level of quality.”

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A: My life is oriented to good times. It starts when I wake up choosing the daily activities I do, what I listen to, what I buy and who I interact with. It is an attitude towards life of filling it with good things, enriching experiences and quality people.

A: Yes, in my case I am single and I don’t have a partner. Actually, I believe that if I had one I would not stop doing my job. When you want to, you have time for everything and you will always make time to be able to combine both facets. The people who really have to be with you will always stay by your side.

A: One of the most classic hotels that has recently undergone a conversion is the Hotel Ritz in Madrid. It was Alfonso XIII who, after his wedding, convinced several businessmen to build this hotel, when he realized that many of his wedding guests had not been able to stay privately. Another hotel, the Alfonso XIII in Seville, hosted several members of royalty during the wedding of Infanta Elena.

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