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San Sebastian is another of the cities of the Basque Country that manages to make visitors fall in love with it. You will appreciate knowing it at your own pace, with that air of nostalgia that characterizes it permeating every corner, bridge and building. In addition to a few dips in its beaches (La Concha is the one of the promenade, Ondarreta the one of the stones, La Zurriola the one of the surf and Santa Clara the one of the island), get tickets to attend its famous jazz festival.

There are certain places that, in order to see them well, require your own vehicle. Galicia is one of them if, in addition to its heritage and gastronomic offer, you are attracted by the possibility of discovering its most secret corners. Traveling alone by car through Galician lands should include some basics such as the Rías Baixas, the Cíes Islands (leaving the car to embark on a sailboat or a ferry in the port of Vigo) or Ribeira Sacra. Before setting off, it is advisable to plot the route on the map according to the stops and the time available for each of them.

Places in Spain to travel alone

Otherwise, you have the great advantage of visiting a country where your language is spoken and the people are warm and very welcoming. They will help you to make your trip as pleasant as possible and you will only think about coming back again and again.

Since tourism has been of paramount importance for decades, most accommodations, restaurants and tourist attractions are operational and ready to welcome you with sanitary protocols. The country’s 7 airports are operational and mobility is not restricted.  In fact, the tourism sector is at very similar figures to pre-pandemic and a record number of visitors is expected in 2022.

Remember that, due to the current situation, travel documents and requirements may change. At IATI we are constantly updating this information. However, we recommend always checking with official sources.

Morro de sao paulo

It extends through León, Asturias and Canabria, and there you can go hiking, horseback riding, enjoy lakes or the Sella river. And you can even take a cable car up to a viewpoint to enjoy unforgettable views.

It is a city without crowds that in its surroundings you can make trekking routes such as the one that passes through the Ciudad Encantada and visit the source of the Cuervo river or even if you like and you are determined you will find a favorable environment for climbing.

One of the Canary Islands, where you can enjoy the sea and as a plus you can visit the Atlantic Museum, which is located underwater. So to get there, diving is a must. You will never forget it.

With respect to its leisure offer, discos, modern nightclubs, as well as any area of environment that you want to visit, will be one of the best options if you do it with some preparations that allow you to feel Vip. One of the alternatives is to get the Barcelona night card that will provide you with all this.

Traveling alone in argentina

Traveling alone around the world is one of the great experiences that you should try at least once in your life. Undoubtedly, it is an adventure, since you will live adventures that you would not have traveling in a group.

When we travel alone, we are with a greater predisposition to everything that surrounds us. And I assure you that you will make friends, chat with many people during your trip and even share the road with some of them during part of the journey.

Of course you won’t! On the contrary, you will be able to do whatever you want whenever you want. One of the great advantages is to be able to adapt your trip, to have more flexibility and above all, to be able to modify your itinerary or activities if you like something. And exactly the same for the opposite.

When I have traveled alone, I have decided to do it without taking most of my accommodations. By doing this, I was able to tailor my trip to the experiences. What did I like about the place? Well, I would extend my time there, perhaps by sleeping an extra night there. Or maybe I found a very interesting cultural activity, a festival I didn’t know about, or made friends who offered me an adventure. And you do it, you change your plan, and you continue with whatever you feel like. You don’t get bored at all.

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