How to travel to spain on a budget

Backpacking in europe budget


If you want to visit the most important places to see in Paris, 4 full days or 5 days is enough. Of course, the more time you have the better to go more calmly or to be able to spend more time in each place.

Although the budget to travel to Paris depends a lot on each person, it also influences the time of the year in which you travel. The most expensive months to travel to Paris are Christmas and summer. Within your budget to travel to Paris, the most important expense will be the hotel.

Hotels in Paris are usually quite expensive and will be the most expensive part of your Paris travel budget. Therefore, if you have a clear date of travel I recommend you to book your hotel in advance to find more variety and better prices.

We booked the flight about 3 weeks in advance and it cost us 79 € per person (round trip). You can find cheaper flights if you look further in advance or if you don’t care what time they leave.

The best thing about traveling by train to Paris is that the station is in the center of the city. This saves you having to go from the airport to the city and also the travel time. Although by train it takes 6 hours and by plane about 2 hours, you have to take into account the waiting time at the airport and then get to the city center.

How much money to take to europe for 20 days 2022

Don’t let your budget keep you at home! Plan a trip to the cheapest European cities and you can explore more while spending less. There are plenty of fantastic and cheap places in Europe. Here’s our top 10 list.

On Sundays the entrance to the Warsaw Rising Museum is free. On the hottest summer days cool off on one of the three beautiful beaches on the Vistula River, which you can also cross for free by ferry.

In Krakow you can find good bargains and in Krakow’s market square, Plac Nowy, there are plenty of affordable bohemian cafes and bars. From May to September, the Krakow Night Festival (Krakowskie Noce) organizes a free concert every month.

Visit the Slovak National Museum and the Transport Museum for free on the first Sunday of every month. In summer, enjoy free movies on the beach in Bratislava – you only have to pay for the drinks!

Take a 1 km walk up the castle hill. The views from the top and along the charming Fisherman’s Bastion are priceless. Also at the top of the castle hill, for a very small fee, you can enter the National Gallery, the library and the History Museum.

Backpacking in Europe 2022

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How much does it cost to travel to spain

Since May 1, 2005, I have been backpacking the world to document the hospitality and daily life of the most unusual destinations through my chronicles. I write travel books to contribute to the nomad revolution.

What budget do we have to manage for a backpacking trip in Europe? How much will we have to spend on transportation and accommodation? Is it possible to eat in the street? Is it worth going to a campsite? If you are preparing a trip to Europe and you are already learning the multiplication table of 16, stay calm, prepare a mate and read this post with updated info fresh from the oven, sorry, from the road.

There are techniques that allow you to travel completely free in some European countries, especially in Scandinavia, Germany, France, Holland, etc, where it is possible to replace the cost of food by dumpster diving and table-diving. Although I do not practice them, I explain them below to give an introduction to those who might be interested in practicing this philosophy.

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