How to travel to morocco from spain

How to travel from spain to morocco by ferry


If you feel the call of the African continent, you are dying to know the souks and medinas of magical cities like Marrakech and you have between your eyebrows to sleep in the desert or ride a camel, go packing your suitcase … there are many ways to come.

In fact, we dedicated a whole post to this thorny issue of traveling to Morocco in 2022 a few months ago; and we are happy to say that our suspicions that it would be possible to do it with (new) normality have been fulfilled.

No matter how much your body demands, if you only have a week and you want to visit the must-see places in Morocco, you have no choice but to forget about driving your own vehicle and take a plane.

In fact this is how we do it in our tours; we pick up the travelers in Marrakech or Fez and we take the road to the desert passing through different must-see places of the country and giving a good taste of the Moroccan gastronomy, which is delicious.

For example, we have a route that leaves from Marrakech and goes through emblematic places such as the Kasbah Ait Ben Hadu, Ouarzazat -known as the Desert Gate- or the Dades Valley before reaching Erg Chebbi, the largest desert in Morocco and where Kam Kam Dunes is located.

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Morocco is a country where the love-hate of the traveler goes hand in hand.  There will be times when you will want to run away from there, mainly for the reason that they try to rip you off and take money as soon as you set foot on the street, but suddenly you will miss it very much, you feel you want to relive that adrenaline, smells and sensations that you feel in the streets of Morocco.

Morocco is one of those trips where you learn and not from monuments and museums, you learn from the people, from their life in the streets, from trying not to get ripped off, from thinking you already know how to bargain and you get ripped off again, from the culture, from the lifestyle, from the cities, from the gastronomy and surely I am leaving a lot of other things. It is one of the most special trips I have been able to make, let’s say that it is in the top of trips and much of the blame for that feeling is to travel to Morocco by car and on my own.

On the way Ceuta – Algeciras we had a police check before boarding the ferry, they looked at the trunk and passed with detective dogs. This was not at the border with Morocco but at the port of Ceuta.

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If you are going to travel to Morocco for the first time, we are sure you have a thousand questions in your head to organize the trip, so let’s see if we solve your doubts with our 11 essential tips to enjoy the country.

You don’t need a passport or any other documentation to change money. For example in Marrakech, next to Jemaa el Fna square (Passage Prince Mulay Rachid) there is a branch of Credit Agricole Du Marco with good change.

Except in hotels, it is not a country where you will use the card a lot. But if you are looking for a practical way to travel, the Revolut card is great. It doesn’t charge you commission for paying in any currency other than the euro, and it also allows you to withdraw cash from any ATM without commissions for currency exchange.

If in addition to visiting Marrakech you want to visit the desert of Morocco, our recommendation is that you do it with a local guide. We did a 7-day route through Morocco in a 4×4, and it was one of the most incredible experiences we have had so far.

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After long months with the borders closed, you can travel to Morocco again from February 7, 2022. Even so, there are several requirements to travel to Morocco that we will discuss below. The land borders with Ceuta and Melilla and the maritime borders are also operational.

It cannot be said that traveling to Morocco today is 100%, as is the case in almost any country in the world. Therefore, as soon as access is possible again, it will be necessary to travel with caution and paying attention to local protocols. In addition, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAEC) indicates that health conditions in Morocco are good in the main cities, but that in smaller cities and in rural areas health facilities are of a lower level, poorly equipped and with poorly qualified health personnel. For this reason, “it is important to take out reliable travel insurance at origin, including medical assistance and repatriation, which, if necessary, can be very costly”.

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