How to travel from spain to morocco

Requirements to travel to spain from morocco 2022


After long months with the borders closed, you can travel to Morocco again from February 7, 2022. Even so, you must take into account several requirements to travel to Morocco that we will tell you about below. The land borders with Ceuta and Melilla and the maritime borders are also operational.

It cannot be said that traveling to Morocco today is 100%, as it is the case in almost any country in the world. Therefore, as soon as access is possible again, it will be necessary to travel with caution and paying attention to local protocols. In addition, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAEC) indicates that health conditions in Morocco are good in the main cities, but that in smaller cities and in rural areas health facilities are of a lower level, poorly equipped and with poorly qualified health personnel. For this reason, “it is important to take out reliable travel insurance at origin, including medical assistance and repatriation, which, if necessary, can be very costly”.

How to travel from spain to morocco

What are the advantages of traveling by ferry? First of all, and this is a personal appreciation, the possibility that the journey to the destination is part of the trip itself. I mean: it is not the same to get on a plane here and get off there -which is quite similar to changing channels on TV- than to be aware of the whole journey. I feel that any trip has a different dimension when we can see all that the distances encompass. But romanticism aside, traveling by ferry has two other insurmountable advantages: it allows you to take a vehicle on board and there are no luggage restrictions. Not to mention the experience of crossing the Strait of Gibraltar.

It is the shortest route to make the crossing. With a frequency of thirteen boats a day making the journey, traveling to Morocco by ferry from Tangier does not require more than an hour of navigation. Prices start at 80 euros per person round trip.

Better connected than Tarifa, the port of the city of Algeciras is another option to travel by ferry to Morocco. The advantages of this option are several. On the one hand, the price. Ferries from Algecira are considerably cheaper than from Tangier. On the other hand, the frequency: there are almost thirty ferries a day doing this route.

Requirements for travel to morocco 2022

Morocco is a country where the traveler’s love-hate go hand in hand.  There will be times when you will want to flee from there, mainly for the reason that they try to rip you off and take money as soon as you set foot on the street, but suddenly you will miss it very much, you feel you want to relive that adrenaline, smells and sensations that you feel in the streets of Morocco.

Morocco is one of those trips where you learn and not from monuments and museums, you learn from the people, from their life in the streets, from trying not to get ripped off, from thinking you already know how to bargain and you get ripped off again, from the culture, from the lifestyle, from the cities, from the gastronomy and surely I am leaving a lot of other things. It is one of the most special trips I have been able to make, let’s say that it is in the top of trips and much of the blame for that feeling is to travel to Morocco by car and on my own.

On the way Ceuta – Algeciras we had a police check before boarding the ferry, they looked at the trunk and passed with detective dogs. This was not at the border with Morocco but at the port of Ceuta.

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