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With all this information it is time to take advantage of the low season to treat yourself and book your getaway. From El Comprador de La Vanguardia we help you with your luggage with this selection of items with great discounts.

If we travel in January to a country that is further north than ours, we will surely have to go sightseeing with temperatures that border or drop below zero degrees. To be able to do so comfortably, it is essential to have warm feet. For this we must get some thermal socks like these from Heat Holders.

Catamaran ride for less than 5€.

Recommended destinations: Santander, Ubiarco, Santillana Del Mar, Comillas, San Vicente De La Barquera, Llanes, Ribadesella, Cangas De Onis, Covadonga, Lastres, Gijon, Candas, Luanco, Aviles, Cudillero and Oviedo.

What I like most about the Asturian capital is the joy and tranquility that permeates its streets. Strolling through the historic center of the city you will discover its cathedral, the Plaza de Fontán, the Church of San Julián de los Prados and the Foncalada Fountain, I also recommend a visit to the Archaeological Museum of the city, where you can discover more about the history of Asturias.

The Sardinero area is the best known of Santander, where you can enjoy its beach or the Piquió gardens, from the promenade you will also discover elegant hotels, mansions like the Casa de Pardo, the Quinta de los Pinares and the Palacio de la Magdalena.

One of the most impressive places, and known after filming part of Game of Thrones here, is the hermitage of San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, on the coast of Biscay. In the Urdaibai Reserve you will also find the Oma Forest. I also recommend a visit to the Gorbea Natural Park, which is home to the Gorbeia Mountain with almost 1500 meters high and the Gujuli waterfall. There are two charming villages in the Basque Country that should not be missing in your visit: Hondarribia and Zumaia.

Cheap flights: How much does it cost to fly to Spain for

What doesn’t Xiaomi sell?  That question many may ask themselves after so many news about gadgets, home products and, now, cars that this company puts on sale.  SUV Pentium T77 is the Xiaomi vehicle that goes on the market for a more than competitive price: from 11,000 euros.

Alsa has a fleet of different buses with their own characteristics: Normal, Eurobus, Supra Economy, Supra+ and Premium. It is important to assess what each one offers. We explain, if you want to travel cheaply, it is best to buy the Normal service, where you will find single tickets; but if you are away from home and you have to eat, you may be interested in traveling in Supra+ or Premium, as they offer catering service and so you will save to eat in a restaurant.

7 tips for traveling to europe with little money

After the pandemic and restrictions people are eager to travel and see new cities. Nowadays we have a wide variety of airlines where we can compare prices and choose the best option to satisfy our needs. There are a multitude of destinations and each of them has its monuments, gastronomy and culture to discover.

To visit France we have several options, the cheapest is to travel from Madrid airport to Bordeaux, this journey would cost about 55 €, making it the cheapest option to travel to France. Another option that is more expensive is Marseille, the ticket to this beautiful city is 62 €. Thanks to this, we can enjoy the beautiful streets of Marseille that have a very particular charm. Also, visit the port which has a very warm atmosphere.

For a slightly higher price, we can travel to the Italian cities of Rome and Milan, the ticket costs from 70 €. If we travel to these cities we can enjoy the Italian Dolce Vitta and taste its world famous cuisine. In addition, for 8 euros more we can travel to Venice to visit St. Mark’s Square and sail along the canals.

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