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This impressive city emanates enchantment in every corner, in the Alhambra, in the Albaycín, in its labyrinthine streets of Moorish spirit and smell of incense; the colors of Andalusian mythology, blue, green, red… are mixed in Granada. Its people spread the joy of their extroverted character. Passion, magic and poetry are in the air.

Granada must be explored on foot, get lost in its labyrinthine streets, rest in the shade of its squares, stroll through the Albaycín,…. It is the best way not to miss any of the charms of this magical city.

The old Arab quarter of the city, the Albaycín, is one of the places you can not miss. Once there, at the viewpoint of San Nicolas you will enjoy magnificent views. The Cathedral is also a must-see as well as the narrow streets surrounding it.

Granada is a city of handicrafts where you can find pottery or handmade guitars. In the Albaycín neighborhood is where there are more. Near the Plaza Nueva and in the area of Calderería Nueva and Calderería Vieja you will find stalls of cosmetics, Nasrid perfumes and clothing. The street markets are also very interesting. The Plaza Larga Market offers flowers and fruit.

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“Give him alms woman that there is nothing in life, like the pain of being blind in Granada”, wrote the Mexican poet Francisco de Icaza about, probably, the most beautiful city in the southeast of the Iberian Peninsula. A city that has confronted civilizations, for which kings have shed tears and whose streets are said to bewitch the traveler.    With the palatial Andalusian city of the Alhambra crowning the city, and with the spectacular backdrop of the Sierra Nevada, the city where Federico García Lorca was born is a favorite destination for thousands of tourists from all over the world. Here you will find a selection of the best photos of Granada.  If you want to know more about it do not miss our reports and news.

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The Alhambra is wonderful, the Albaicin neighborhood, its streets, its viewpoints, both in the viewpoint of San Cristobal and in the viewpoint of San Nicolas the views of the Alhambra are beautiful. The center of Granada, where to eat, walk, have a drink, have tapas….

The center has a great commercial activity, and a lot of life mainly due to the good weather and light that encourages people to walk, shop and enjoy the outdoors. In the periphery you can also find important shopping centers.

Be careful with one of these caves. In the afternoon, walking around there, a gypsy woman invited us to visit a cave, very kindly, that if you come to see it for free, that if you want a drink, …

The camarín de la Virgen del Rosaro is one of the most beautiful monuments I have ever seen, next to the church of Santo Domingo in the Realejo. It is an eighteenth century palace to house the Virgen del Rosario (Alejandro).

We visited Granada all my family, we went to Sierra Nevada, we did an excursion, it was incredible, we love Granada, it is a comfortable and different city, although we were not very lucky with the gastronomy (the locals with a lot of people and a lot of noise) (Maite).

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Surely you are one of those who have just arrived at your home destination and are already thinking about when to make the next getaway. So if you are one of those who love to travel and enjoy all the charms of the destination you visit, we suggest you to explore one of the best tourist enclaves of the Andalusian region: the city of Granada, an exciting destination where you will not get tired of walking and discovering corners full of secrets. Discover the travel offers to Granada of Nautalia Viajes and take advantage of all our discounts and promotions.

One of the greatest architectural and historical jewels is the Alhambra, considered a complex of great heritage value and that you can not miss for anything in the world on your trip to Granada. If you want to come and enjoy a vacation in this Andalusian town, go ahead and book your tickets as soon as possible so you can enjoy this wonderful complex with the greatest possible peace of mind.

To make the most of your summer days in this wonderful Andalusian city you will not only discover its most emblematic places but you will also discover all the ins and outs of its culinary culture. Taste an infinity of tapas, explore bars with a special magic and taste a delicious gastronomic menu, which will not go unnoticed by anyone. What are you waiting for to come and check it out? Discover your favorite dish!

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