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To enjoy a good vacation is not necessary to leave Galicia. In Viajes Carballo Galicia we work with the Galicia Elixe Galicia plan so that all those who want to discover the most hidden corners of the Galician geography can do it at the best price. Take advantage of the special prices and discounts to travel around Galicia!

Enjoy the adrenaline of riding the best attractions. Whether you want to go to an amusement park as if you prefer an aquapark to enjoy the water attractions in Viajes Carballo Galicia we will take care of organizing a trip full of adventure and new experiences.

In Viajes Carballo Galicia we adapt to each client. Tell us your budget for the trip you want to make, what destinations you want to visit and what activities you want to do; we will take care of organizing a perfect vacation tailored to you.


They allow us to store user preference information to improve the quality of our services and to offer a better experience through recommended products. Some may be multi-device.

ConditionsPrices “from” per person per night (except indicated) in double occupancy and accommodation regime (except indicated). Promotion valid for new bookings made from August 1-31, for travel on select dates through October 31, 2022. See conditions of all published promotions and participating establishments. Reservation from 15€ per person refundable, except special contracting rates, and only applicable in reservations made by phone and in our travel agencies. Up to 20% discount corresponding to the Estival chain: discounts already applied in the published prices. If you find a better price, we will match it: check application conditions and products adhered to the promotion. No cancellation fees: except for products with special contracting conditions and early purchase airfares with change or cancellation fees, see products included in this promotion. See conditions. Limited places.


GALICIA 2022 ORGANIZED CIRCUITS AND ECONOMIC TRIPS Galicia is a paradise, it is a region that enjoys some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, natural treasures, and unparalleled gastronomy. Discover the best routes and organized tours in Galicia at the best price with Kerala Viajes.

Meet the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, the jewel of the capital that has attracted pilgrims since the Middle Ages, and is recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, for reasons that will be obvious once you have it in front of you.

Wherever you go, wherever you look, you will have a wonder to explore, because that’s Galicia, full of natural, historical, cultural and countless leisure and relaxation options, which make this community an ideal destination to leave everything behind for a few days and have fun with family, friends or your partner.

If you are interested in legends and myths, the Tower of Hercules, the oldest lighthouse in the world and where the demigod buried the head of the giant tyrant Geryon, is a must-see site. And, during your visit to its ancient monuments, dazzling beaches and cultural centers, you will also enjoy the exquisite gastronomy of this place.

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Encuentra todos los recursos turísticos desde tu móvil. Turismo rural, hoteles, hostales, apartamentos, campings, restaurantes, patrimonio cultural, arqueología, museos, festivales, deportes, talleres de artesanía, información turística, etc.

El objetivo de esta herramienta es dar a conocer todos los establecimientos incluidos en las rutas del vino de Galicia: bodegas, destilerías, restaurantes, hoteles, empresas de ocio, museos, oficinas de turismo, agencias de viajes especializadas, tiendas de vinos, etc.

Meteogalicia, la aplicación oficial que ofrece información sobre las previsiones meteorológicas por municipios para los próximos 10 días, sobre el estado del mar, previsiones para todas las playas de Galicia, previsiones generales y mareas.

Una guía que recoge y localiza los principales recursos ambientales y turísticos del Parque Nacional de las Illas Atlánticas y del resto de parques naturales de Galicia, a través de más de 500 fichas y casi 200 fotografías.

Se trata de una agenda elaborada conjuntamente por diferentes departamentos, con el objetivo de reunir en un único espacio el calendario de eventos culturales, tanto los organizados por la administración autonómica como los de gran interés.

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