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In addition, with AXA Assistance you will have luggage coverage, so that your things are safe wherever you go. We cover expenses for lost or stolen luggage, in addition to other coverage that you can consult in detail in our travel conditions.

We guarantee you a quality medical attention leaving you in the hands of the best experts without you having to worry about paperwork or formalities, and above all without costs for your pocket. Take out your travel insurance and live your adventure without worries.

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But the list of places to visit in France is extensive so, if your schedule allows, spend several weeks touring the country will be a success. But what do you need to know about this destination as close as it is seductive? Do you need health insurance to travel to France? And what about travel insurance? If you are thinking of making France the backdrop for your vacation, here are a few key points.

As you can see, unlike the national health system, health care in France is not 100% free. Co-payment is a widespread practice, with singularities for residents that, in the case of tourists, also apply. One of the main recommendations for anyone planning to travel to France and belonging to the Schengen area member countries is to apply for the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

This document allows the holder to access the health benefits he or she may need during the course of his or her trip (regardless of the reason for the trip), under the same conditions as any other French citizen. What does this mean? Well, if a French citizen has to pay for certain medical services or consultations, the holder of the EHIC will have to do the same.

Health insurance spain for foreigners

When traveling, taking out travel insurance guarantees a series of coverage which, depending on the type of policy, may include medical assistance and hospitalization for illness and accident, repatriation or reimbursement for cancellation or loss of luggage, among others.

Some people may think that insurance is not a compulsory procedure when organizing a trip. However, this is not the case. There are countries that require travel insurance with medical assistance and repatriation coverage in order to be able to enter their territory. In addition, each state or group of states imposes a series of conditions on these policies.

In general, the Chilean authorities recommend taking out travel insurance that also covers the corresponding medical assistance and eventual repatriation. In case of risky sports, it is recommended that the sports insurance coverage be as broad as possible and include the practice of such sports.

In order to process the visa to travel to Iran, it is necessary to provide a travel insurance whose certificate clearly states the name of the holder and the validity of the policy, which must coincide with the period of validity of the visa. As recommended by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we recommend you to purchase a travel insurance with broad coverage of medical expenses such as Totaltravel Premium, which reaches 1.000.000€.

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There is some confusion with travel insurance with medical coverage, also often referred to as travel medical insurance. These also include health care among their coverage, but they are designed to solve any unforeseen event related to the trip, and not only medical problems. We invite you to get to know them by entering our travel insurance comparator. You will be able to compare prices and consult guarantees and conditions.

Whichever insurance you choose (travel or health) in both cases, the objective is the same: to have adequate medical coverage abroad, regardless of the other guarantees. Especially when traveling to certain countries where healthcare is very expensive, e.g. the United States.

However, in this guide we are going to focus on international travel health insurance and what benefits it offers during travel; on its territorial scope (not all countries are included in its coverage) and on many other relevant questions. If you need more information on what is most convenient in your case, do not hesitate to contact our call center: a team of expert advisors will guide you in choosing the right travel health insurance.

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