Do i need health insurance to travel to spain

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When we make a trip to any place in the world, many circumstances may occur that may affect the development of the trip: theft of luggage, missed flights or trains, health problems, etc…

If you intend to take out travel insurance, you will have to take it out before your departure date. It is always advisable to take it out at the same time you make the flight and hotel reservations or, at the latest, 7 days after the trip is booked, so that the cancellation coverage can take effect.

To take out travel insurance you will need to know what type of travel insurance suits your needs. In addition, you must be clear about the dates of your trip, the destination, the amount of the trip per passenger, ID card or passport (in case it is outside the Schengen Area) and internal travel (if any).

Covid insurance for travel to Spain

In addition, with AXA Assistance you will have luggage coverage, so that your things are safe wherever you go. We cover expenses for lost or stolen luggage, in addition to other coverage that you can consult in detail in our travel conditions.

We guarantee you a quality medical attention leaving you in the hands of the best experts without you having to worry about paperwork or formalities, and above all without costs for your pocket. Take out your travel insurance and live your adventure without worries.

International travel insurance

Barcelona is one of the country’s top tourist destinations because it offers everything tourists look for in a European city, from historic architecture to lively shopping, vibrant culture and a lively nightlife.

Granada offers a perfect combination of traditional cultures, lively nightlife and spectacular attractions, such as the world-famous Alhambra, a summit of Moorish art that spans the history of Andalusia.

Arroz con leche (rice pudding), Calamares a la romana (Fried squid), Cocido montanes typical dish from Cantabria, Chorizo (spicy sausage), Chuletillas grilled chops of milk-fed lamb, Percebe typical from Galicia…

Travel insurance to spain price

In addition, as we know that more and more of you are going out to ride the different cycling routes, we have given special attention to the coverage focused on cycling tourism. We cover your cycling trips and also the forced theft of your bicycle during its use.

You are going to book an accommodation where you want to relax, maybe buy flights to the Canary Islands, Balearic Islands or another corner of the country and maybe even rent a car. As a result, you’re probably wondering: “What happens if I finally have to cancel my trip due to a serious cause, do I lose all the money invested?”.

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