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One of the great advantages of Skyscanner is that we indicate the origin but if we do not know where we want to travel because we are influenced by the price of the flight, we can choose the option “anywhere” and it shows us which are the best destinations at the best price. With this option we will see a list of destinations sorted by countries to which it is cheaper to fly.

Skyscanner is also a flight search engine that allows us to find the best flight without selecting a specific date. This option is one of the best to find cheap flights. And what does this mean? Well, if we have flexible dates to travel, in Skyscanner we can select the destination but without specifying the dates on which we would like to travel. So the search engine shows us which are the cheapest days to travel within a month or which are the months when flight prices are cheaper.

In addition, one of the great advantages of this flight search engine is its rewards program, since with each purchase through Expedia users earn points that can then be redeemed for more flights or tourist services, find cheap flights and also get rewarded!

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With all this information it’s time to take advantage of the low season to treat yourself and book your getaway. From El Comprador de La Vanguardia we help you with your luggage with this selection of items with great discounts.

If we travel in January to a country that is further north than ours we will surely have to go sightseeing with temperatures bordering or dropping below zero degrees. To be able to do so comfortably, it is essential to have warm feet. For this we must get some thermal socks like these from Heat Holders.

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If you want to disconnect and get lost in nature, a trip to Castilla y León and its Picos de Europa is just what you need. In addition, you can take advantage and explore some nearby towns like Gijón or Santander.

This pilgrimage is one of the most famous in the world. You can choose up to 9 official routes that follow different itineraries. Once you arrive in Santiago, after several days of walking, nothing like indulging yourself, staying in a good hotel and traveling around the areas near this Galician city.

If you visit Madrid and Barcelona you will not have time to get bored. The two most populated cities in the country offer endless cultural plans, parties, history, gastronomy, architecture… Lose yourself in their neighborhoods, explore their hidden places and get the most authentic essence of these two beautiful and majestic cities.

In this hotel everything has been designed for the guest to enjoy a superior experience, from its cuisine (led by a chef with 7 Michelin stars) to its rooms, perfectly equipped. The establishment has been in operation since 1859 and is currently considered one of the best examples of Catalan modernism.

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Can you imagine flights plus hotel to a European destination for less than 150 euros? The main European cities will be some of the destinations you will find in this selection of proposals, in which there will not only be cheap airline tickets, but also flight and hotel packages with which to travel the world.

It seems incredible to be able to travel to a European capital non-stop at prices that you will not be able to resist. Incredible offers on flights. They are tempting prices for those who love to travel or for those who can afford to travel for work or pleasure without having to buy the ticket too far in advance.

This will make you discover real hidden and little known treasures that you will be glad to have been able to know. Even last minute 2 for 1 travel offers can be given and will enrich you both culturally and personally and you will remember the different places forever in a very special way.

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