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A travel agency is only as good as the agent that serves you. Mercedes is a top notch agent. He listens to you carefully and plans your trip down to every detail. I will never plan a trip without her!

First class service and super punctual. I asked them to process a birth certificate that I needed for a procedure at the Venezuelan Consulate in Madrid and they promised it in three weeks and in exactly three weeks I had the certificate. Highly satisfied!

If you are visiting a place for the first time, we can send you free of charge a guide with useful information about the destination, recommendations about how to dress, what to present to the immigration authorities. We also hold meetings that bring together travelers and their families to clarify any doubts they may have.

We provide you with as much information as possible before you travel. For example: requirements to enter a country, if your flight has a stopover we specify how many hours it would be, if you have to change airport where you should go, we give you travel tips, free city guides.

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The most: whatever destination you have in mind for your honeymoon, Nautalia’s professionals can make your trip a reality. They offer you a wide variety of destinations such as the sunsets of the African savannah, the paradisiacal beaches of the Caribbean, the landscapes in the heart of South America… An infinite number of options for you to start your new stage.

The most important thing: Viajes Carrefour is aware that a honeymoon is the most special trip for a couple. All the staff is trained to offer the best advice and offers regardless of the destination chosen to make each Honeymoon the unforgettable trip it should be.

Specialized in travel: all Viajes Carrefour staff receive constant training on all destinations, paying special attention to travelers’ trends, who are increasingly demanding more exotic destinations such as Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe or Panama.

The most: the team of Xavi Fernandez Viajes is aware of the importance that the honeymoon will have in the life of a couple, for all that it implies. For that reason, they will make sure that the trip is perfect. They will propose you a list of destinations, ideal for your honeymoon.  In addition, they will soon have a new website that will include a wedding list service.

The best online travel agencies in Spain

In addition to its natural beauty (it is a Biosphere Reserve), its beaches of transparent water and its tranquility, a report published by the Ministry of Health presents it as a “safe” island due to its good pandemic control data. If you like hiking, try the Camí de Cavalls (pictured), a 185-kilometer route divided into 20 sections whose origin dates back to the 14th century.

A beach paradise that not only attracts lovers of the sun and sports such as diving and surfing, but also hikers and active tourism. Among its attractions, in addition to its beaches, include the Natural Park of Corralejo Dunes, fine sand, the village of El Cotillo with the Lighthouse of Toston, La Oliva with its church of Candelaria and the Casa de los Coroneles, etc..

The relaxation of European restrictions on leisure travel has also made itself felt (almost 20% of travel bookings are destined for a European country) and trips to these destinations have increased significantly. Among these, Italy is the favorite, followed by France, the Netherlands and neighboring Portugal.

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“You have to explore the unexplored”. Travel has always been one of the great passions of mankind. From commercial travel to the disconnection and leisure trips we know today, to those study trips made by young intellectuals. People have always had the desire to get to know new cultures, to go on expeditions, to venture to discover other countries.

Nowadays we want to continue feeding our soul with new adventures, but we lead a frenetic life that does not leave us time to prepare the trip, we rely more on professionals, we look for specific adventures or we simply do not like to organize on our own the next trip we have in mind.

More and more travel agencies are specializing, especially by sector. There are tailor-made travel agencies, experts in specific destinations, travel agencies for groups, luxury travel agencies, adventurous travel agencies, more traditional travel agencies, sustainable tourism agencies… there are all kinds!

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