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And we can already tell you that it surprises (for the better) everyone who comes for the first time. You have an amazing tapas route in Valladolid, which is not really “mother’s love”, but it has nothing to envy to the tapas and pintxos of San Sebastian, or Bilbao, much more famous.

✎ As a curiosity, the portico of the church is in the Cloisters Museum of New York (The MET Cloisters) and with the money that was obtained, they rebuilt the tower that had been destroyed by lightning.

It was an important point in the Middle Ages during the formation of Castile, and because of its Historical Ensemble it has been declared an Asset of Cultural Interest. It also has the title of “Muy Leal y Valerosa Villa” (Very Loyal and Valerosa Villa), so don’t tell us it’s not cool.

Located north of Burgos, with green landscapes like those you can see on a route through the Basque Country or visiting the most beautiful villages of Cantabria, with which it borders. Las Merindades is a very extensive region full of forests, rivers and waterfalls that never cease to amaze you no matter how much you travel there, as Rebeca told us.

10 places to visit in spain

A classic of the Basque summer. Euskadi cannot be understood without San Sebastian, its La Concha beach or Mount Urgull. If you come around August 15, you can enjoy the Semana Grande of Donosti. But if not, there is always time to go on a pintxos route.

The Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park is home to unspoiled sandy beaches such as Los Genoveses, Mónsul or Los Muertos. Also, typical Mediterranean villages, with that characteristic white lime, such as Carboneras or Las Negras.

On the shores of the Bay of Biscay, this town has plenty of attractions. From its exquisite gastronomic offer, the Pancha Island, the viewpoint of Santa Cruz, the Castle of San Damian to the jewel in the crown: the beach of the Cathedrals. This most Gaudian whim of nature is born from the rock formations that form colossal arches and towers.

The largest of the islands of the Balearic archipelago is an authentic paradise. Mallorca proves that you don’t have to fly to the Caribbean to find a good dose of peace, white sand and crystal-clear waters. Besides, you can always enjoy the virtues of the Mallorcan night when the sun is too big for you.

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Wikimedia commons La Ciudad Encantada is located in the province of Cuenca, Castilla La Mancha. It covers a pine forest of 20 kilometers. It has been named with that name because, by wind and rain, erosion has taken effect forming grandiose rock formations with ghostly buildings structure. In it, we also find the source of the Cuervo River and the Devil’s Window. Besides, the Enchanted City is very close to the city of Cuenca. It is a very popular destination because the price to enter the Enchanted City is only 5 €, and is considered the main tourist attraction of the city.

Dare and come to Pedraza, it is the perfect destination to disconnect and spend a few days learning and enjoying the wonders of our country. Travel only in the month of September, it is the month in which there is more life in the town, and it is more beautiful.

Wikimedia commons Cabo de Gata, is a cape located in the province of Almeria, south of the Iberian Peninsula and facing the Mediterranean Sea. In it is the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata – Nijar. It is a zone very attacked by the urbanism and the constructions due to its good climate, the coast and its location. The area stands out for its beauty in hills, such as the hill of La Palma, or Mesa de Roldan. In addition to its beaches of crystalline water, such as the beach of Los Muertos. Cabo de Gata is located in the town of Níjar, although it occupies many more, such as the towns of Mojácar, San José or La Isleta.

What to visit in spain in 15 days

There are endless places to discover in Cabo de Gata for which I recommend a minimum of 5 days and an ideal of 7-10 days if you want to visit it thoroughly, calmly and enjoying every corner. It is important that you settle in San Jose de Cabo de Gata as a base camp. By clicking on the link above you have a specific search engine for that area. From San Jose, you will be in the epicenter of Cabo de Gata in terms of time.

And what to say about the things you can do in the surroundings, such as the Reservatauro experience, where you can see wild bulls in freedom without barriers or the cool vias ferratas that are there for the bravest. My recommendation for sleeping? Without a doubt… the beautiful Parador de Ronda. Don’t even think about it.

It is impossible for me to forget the sunset I experienced at the viewpoint of Los Andenes next to the Roque de los Muchachos. For me to think of La Palma is to remember the route of the Cascada de colores, the route of the volcanoes… and that caldera through which a daily cascade of clouds cascaded down it. What a place! Cheer up with 7 days on the island in the hotel Sol Palma and… enjoy, you are going to have a great time.

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